Robotic Process Automation

Your Virtual Workforce

RPA – Automate Business Processes

Robotic Process Automation allows you to create your own virtual workforce… your software robot army, allowing you to automate any business process with ease.

Cost Saving

Reduce department payroll costs with RPA robots. Robots work smart day & night, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Faster Performance

Make employees more effective & free them for other tasks. Robot workforce can be scaled easily.

No Errors

Robotic workforce work intelligently all day. With no work concentration decline, errors are eliminated.

Automate ANYthing, ANYwhere

Our solution is application and environment agnostic. Our tool can automate anything, and it can be local, or remote.

Ideal for ‘swivel chair’ processes, where employees take data from one application to another.

Human Simulation

Human-like GUI level interaction, using the normal application front-end. Non-intrusive, No API instrumentation or security bypass.

T-Plan has been developing our award-winning image recognition solution for over 10 years. In combination with optical character (OCR) technologies, this allows our robots to interact and “see” the screen just as a human would. Note: changes in position or shape etc. are not a problem!

No development against specific application or environments equals fast ROI automation on any business application.

Windows | Mac | Linux – Seamless Transfer of Automation IP

Same Robots… Same Scripts… Across All Environments. This means that automation can easily occur on Windows, Mac and Linux using the same automation development. T-Plan Robot is the only RPA tool on the market which supports Mac and Linux and Windows in the same application.

In an IT world where now almost every organisation has at least some business operation delivered using Mac or Linux, it is unbelievable to think that RPA solutions are purchased that only support Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Browsers!

Citrix | Excel | SAP | Web | Desktop | Mobile etc.

Our Robots support ANY technology in ANY environment. T-Plan Robot is an award-winning surface automation technology. Whether it be Excel on Windows, passing information to a Firefox browser on Linux, ANYthing is easy.

E.g. Citrix, where most competitor tools will not work, as the applications published by Citrix Virtual Apps(XenApp) and Desktops (XenDesktop) for example only essentially exist at the screen level. Utilising our very powerful image-based surface automation algorithms we are able to automate any Citrix implementation with ease. Note also that all automation happens without leaving any trace on the server, just like a human would interact with the application or service.


Our robots can be cloned with a simple copy and paste, making the distribution of your automation very easy. RPA Architecture more…

Cost Saving

Multiple business process work items and transactions executed in parallel, at cost-effective times.

Error Saving

Automate repetitive processes prone to mundane errors, freeing up labour resource to be used in other areas.

Easy to Setup and Run

Software Robots execute business steps identical to a human user.

Business processes can be recorded and then played back on a schedule of your choosing, on one or more physical or virtual machines.

Local Desktop Virtual Machine
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Apple Mac Test AutomationApple tick_24x24 tick_24x24
Linux Test AutomationLinux tick_24x24 tick_24x24

Automate ANYthing, Anywhere… Your personal army of Robots!

Major Benefits

  • Software Robots execute business steps identical to a human user.
  • Human like GUI level interaction, using the normal application front-end. No API instrumentation.
  • Ideal for ‘swivel chair’ processes, where employees take data from one application to another.
  • Multiple business process work items and transactions, executed in parallel at cost effective times.
  • Automate repetitive processes freeing up labour resource.
  • Platform independence (Java). RPA robots run on, and automate all major systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Solaris, and mobile platforms.
  • Automate ANY system. As automation runs at the GUI level, the tool can automate all applications.
    E.g. Java, C++/C#, .NET, HTML (web/browser), command line interfaces; also, applications usually considered impossible to automate like HTML5 etc.
  • Record & Playback of business processes.
  • Open architecture with extension interface allows easy customisation and integration. E.g. Optical Character Recognition (OCR), or integration with a relational DB via JDBC.
  • Powerful group image search allows changing of window layout, button position etc.
  • Object search & background detection to detect objects by colour, by colour range, and on different backgrounds.
  • All controlled from the Robotic Automation Portal (RAP) management dashboard.

T-Plan’s RPA Robot is the most flexible and universal black box automation tool, on the market. Our virtual workforce solution is used by individuals and organizations of all sizes, to automate business processes of any complexity. Providing a human-like approach to automation of the user interface, and uniquely built on Java, our solution performs well in situations where other tools may fail. As a result of its open and carefully designed architecture, it is simple to adopt, integrate and customize.

Our Robots, as they sit at the GUI level, and operate the system as a user would, are bound only by the same security restrictions and work-flows as a human being. This means that there is no middle layer hacking or API coding to bypass user controls, ensuring an audited and secure business transaction is completed.


Robot Automation PORTAL

  • Central management hub for all RPA activities
  • Statistical analysis of corporate wide processes
  • Management control of resource workload
  • Clear visual success/failure indicators
  • Simple process playback controls
  • Web dashboard for remote WAN/LAN access

Robot Automation DRIVER

  • Core engine for automated processes
  • Process relationship management
  • Process design and authoring (inc. Record & Playback)
  • Cross platform delivery
  • RAD relationships allow scalable deliveries
  • Process correction and low level reporting

Robot Automation SYSTEM

  • Use of native end user systems
  • Support of both legacy frameworks and latest technology
  • No code injection required
  • Multi-platform support covering Desktop, Mobile and Tablet
  • Physical and virtual hardware supported providing scalability yet controlling project costs
  • Reproduce real user actions accurately, consistently, repetitively
Our virtual robots have saved time, effort, money & resource.
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