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T-Plan Robot uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to replicate the repetitive user actions of a human being on a computer system. It is the most flexible and universal black box automation tool on the market.

Automate Any Task On Any Platform

T-Plan Robot can automate almost any repetitive task across any platform Windows | Mac | Linux

Redirect Valuable

Reduce labour-intensive repetitive tasks and shift focus to value-added projects


Eradicate human error and ensure a consistent output

After hours

Work can be carried out after work hours – meeting global time-zone pressures

Trusted by leading companies for over 20 years

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Automate ANYthing, ANYwhere

T-Plan Robot automates business processes of any complexity on any platform or device. With a human-like approach to automation, and uniquely built on JAVA, our solution operates as a user would – bound by the same security restrictions.

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6 hour process now takes 10 minutes. Our virtual robots have saved time, effort, money & resource.”

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Reduced man hours by approximately 1 hour per day per tester. At that level, saving us 32.5 hours per week – a considerable cost saving.”

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The key to RPA success

T-Plan provide a ’business led’ approach to RPA allowing organisations to deliver an end to end change program across key business functions.

We work with you to help define the areas that would most benefit from RPA and help define a pilot test before full organisational roll out.

We provide commercial flexibility to ensure there is clear correlation between the optimisation of FTE output and RPA deployment.

A single continuous testing platform

The solution was created to be a multiplatform solution working across Mobile, Cloud and traditional IT infrastructures and allowing today’s business users to create the RPA processes the way they operate today.

Central or Local Deployment

A flexible deployment approach allows for both centralised virtual deployments as well as local deployment in critical, protected network locations


Software Robots execute business steps identical to a human user


Ideal for ‘swivel chair’ processes, where employees take data from one application to another

Record and

Low Code / No Code user driven script recording of executable business processes.

Ease of customisation
and integration

The solution provides an open api with software extensions making it simple to customise and integrate with other platforms


T-Plan Robot comes with the web portal, development and execution features. Thanks to its open architecture with extension interface, the platform can also be easily customised and integrated with other systems.

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Typical Project Rollout

Each project is typically broken down into six easy steps from initial stakeholder initiation to cross-organisation or department rollout.

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