Automated Testing for Windows Applications

The most flexible automated testing tool compatible with all Windows applications.

Desktop and Laptop

Full Windows, Linux, Mac and Unix compatibility

No need to type a single line of code using T-Plan’s intuitive UI

Intuitive Image-Based & Object recognition

Seamless integrations with core DevOps platforms including Selenium & Jenkins

Comprehensive Automation Capabilities

Automate your entire desktop environment or a select number of features and applications. Drive the desktop, physical or virtual machines, using the standard interaction methods of mouse and keyboard.

T-Plan Robot offers unmatched compatibility with the Windows ecosystem. It seamlessly integrates with Windows-based browsers, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome, allowing you to test your web applications effectively.

Demonstration of T-Plan GUI

Easy Reset and

Secondary or virtual environments can be effortlessly cleaned and reset, creating a known and baselined test environment for repeatable tests.


Testing in an isolated environment ensures a thorough examination of their behaviour and interoperability with the operating system.


Evaluate applications and their compatibility with an upcoming desktop upgrade to identify and address any potential issues before going live.


Execute multiple tests in parallel without significant physical disruptions to the workplace.

Banking Automation Demonstration

Streamlined Testing Process on Windows

Streamline your testing process on Windows with T-Plan Robot. The intuitive interface and powerful scripting capabilities enable you to create, edit, and enhance automation scripts tailored for Windows environments. Whether you prefer low-code or no-code approaches, T-Plan Robot’s modularised GUI script editor empowers you to build efficient and robust automation scripts.

In situations where automation of a local desktop cannot occur (e.g. lack of free machines, secure desktop preventing testing etc.), windows based automation of a secondary desktop using VNC / RDP is sometimes the only solution.

Running tests on a secondary machine or in a virtualized environment has many benefits:

  • Secondary or virtual environments can be cleaned and reset very easily, therefore creating the perfect known, baselined test environment for repeatable tests.
  • Applications can be driven in an isolated environment e.g. on a separate network.
  • Applications and interoperability with the operating system can be tested on a soon to be upgraded desktop setup to test for any issues before live.
  • Applications running on a secondary machine or on a virtual machine behave as if they were running on the intended physical system.
  • Virtual environments represent a very cost effective way of conducting multiple parallel tests with little or no physical disruption to the workplace.
  • Virtual machine tests can be executed against many different setups, environments at a low cost compared to a similar physical hardware setup. E.g. for web applications parallel testing against many different browser options at the same time is an excellent cost and time saving methodology.

T-Plan Robot hosted on MS Windows can automate any other system running an RDP server such as MS Windows (via Terminal Services), Mac or Unix/Linux. It can also drive any VirtualBox guest system (virtual machine).

Support at every stage

Extensive Training & Learning Centre

Online workshops tailored to your key objectives

Live chat

Frequent product updates & new feature releases

Platform Agnostic, Seamless Integration

Tool Integrations

A vast number of integrations are available, including Selenium Object Automation support saving you time, effort and money building and maintaining the Selenium testing framework.

Platform Agnostic

Cross-browser, cross-device GUI web and mobile automation. Web and Desktop Automation on Mac, Windows and Linux using same application, code and files.

Image Recognition

Delivering critical user feedback from the perspective of the end user. Validate what you see not what the code says.

Low Code/No Code

An intuitive UI designed to be used by both technical and non-technical staff with drag and drop functionality.

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  • No code access required
  • Visual UI testing tool
  • iOS and Mac compatible
  • All platforms supported
  • Mimics real time user experience
  • Record and playback function
  • Award winning support

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