Test Automation for the Banking Sector

  • Visual testing to replicate real-life customer experiences
  • Automate internal front and back office processes
  • A Quality Assurance Testing Tool
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As the lead test solution for the Bank of England’s CREST system, and personally working with CrestCo, Euroclear, and ISMA, we understand our history and the competitive nature of banking, the need for a seamless customer experience and streamlined internal processes – all whilst maintaining privacy, compliance and 100% service uptime.

Any device,
any OS

Built on Java our tool is environment and system agnostic and is able to connect to a multitude of different accountancy software

Intuitive Visual
Testing Tool

T-Plan Robot automates the testing of software and business processes at end-user level, mimicking the work that a human being would do

Non-Intrusive – No Source Instrumentation

T-Plan Robot does not require any internal modification to the system or application under test

Improved Accuracy,
Lower Costs

Automate repetitive tasks and save hundreds of working hours, improve accuracy and maximise efficiency

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The CMMO (Central Money Markets Office) was delivered on time and within budget… In a project of this size and complexity, this is no small achievement; it is something in which the Bank as a whole can take some pride.”

Deputy Chief of the Banking Department and Deputy Chief Cashier,
Bank of England

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The introduction of a testing methodology and process across the product range is proving itself by saving time and resources. It has certainly brought tangible and considerable operational efficiencies for the people responsible for testing at ISMA – their workload is now far more orderly.”

David Lawler,

See T-Plan Robot in Action

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Test Automation for the Banking Sector

T-Plan Robot is a quality assurance test automation tool that meets the demanding needs of the banking sector.

This is T-Plan Robot

Robot can test anything, anywhere. Often, the most powerful and effective tools are deceptively straightforward. So, here it is. Robot automates the testing process of the myriad transactions and processes that happen within your business systems at user interface level. That is to say, the means by which your customers use your services.

End-to-End Workflow Testing for a Fit for Purpose Solution

This is human-level testing, carried out by powerful software.

The processes in banking are numerous, and Robot can take care of all of them. It can assess fully whether the end-user keystrokes, swipes and mouse clicks will work as expected. And, that they work continuously. Not to mention the transactions between front and back office and your branch network.

Key Features

Robot is an “image based” automation tool that approaches validation entirely from the perspective of the user. It records and plays back a script to perform a series of checks. Through RPA it can take over lower-level repetitive work, without the need for time off, saving money and improving quality.

Robot is technology-agnostic. It works on common and less common platforms alike. For example, Linux, Mac and Windows. as well as on desktops and mobiles. What sets us apart is that it’s the only mobile automation solution that allows full control of iOS and Android devices without the need for jail-breaking. Wherever the application needs to work, you can check that it actually does.

In addition, it offers cross-browser test automation on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and several others.

T-Plan Robot also offers:

  • License flexibility. We simply charge for each simultaneous connection to the system under automation.
  • Competitive pricing. Pay a purchase and annual subscription cost, with support charges for all upgrades.
  • Ease of use. It’s quick to learn and can be used across all platforms and environments. Robot also offers full support of Java, the most commonly used programming language.
  • Non-intrusive. It needs no modification to the system on which automation takes place, with no application authoring required.

T-Plan and the Banking Sector.

We understand the competitive nature of banking and the need for a seamless customer experience across several platforms, devices and browsers.

Here at T-Plan, we developed our expertise through our leading role on the Bank of England CREST system. Therefore, we recognise the challenges surrounding cost restraints, privacy and compliance, as well as the high-profile implications of fallover and systems failure.

This know-how informs how we work now. How may we help YOU? Get in touch today for more information.

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  • No code access required
  • Visual UI testing tool
  • iOS and Mac compatible
  • All platforms supported
  • Mimics real time user experience
  • Record and playback function
  • Award winning support

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