Test Automation in the Automotive Sector

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Automotive Test Automation

T-Plan has been delivering best-of-breed test automation solutions for 20 years. T-Plan Robot is used across the automotive industry to improve the overall quality of their in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, and head-up displays (HUDs).

Any device,
any OS

T-Plan's solution is environment and system agnostic, and is able to connect to a multitude of different automotive software

Intuitive Visual
Testing Tool

T-Plan Robot interacts with the SUT at the end-user level, mimicking the UX experience that a human being would have

Non-Intrusive – No Source Instrumentation

T-Plan Robot does not require any internal modification to the system or application under test. Test real live dashboard devices

Improved Accuracy,
Lower Costs

Automate repetitive tasks and save hundreds of working hours, improve accuracy and maximise efficiency. 24/7/365

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Your Quality Assurance Testing Tool

T-Plan has over 20 years’ experience of desktop software test automation. We recognise how detail-driven accountancy is. Similarly, that delivering both HMRC compliance precision and an ultra-efficient, cost-effective client service is vital.

Moreover, the move to cloud-based accounting is right here, right now. Could quality issues get in the way?

The solution is as essential as a tax return.

T-Plan Robot can be your first choice for black box GUI automation. It automates the testing of software or business processes on a desktop or a mobile at end-user level, mimicking the work that a human being would do. Yet, more efficiently, much faster, without errors, and with no need for holidays or days off.

With no need for modification to the system or application under automation, there’s no “intrusion” necessary.


Software Testing for the Accountancy Sector

Our aim is to improve the quality, predictability and overall performance of accountancy applications, software and processes. With automated testing from T-Plan, any system bugs will be picked up before the product goes into production. And, of course, a long time before it reaches your end users.

repetitive, lower-level testing tasks, you could save hundreds of working hours. The benefits are clear: cost savings, with improved accuracy and efficiency.

Is your end product fit for purpose? With Robot, you’ll know.

This is T-Plan Robot.

T-Plan’s test automation software automates any type of application that employs a User Interface. It’s an “image-based” automation tool that’s tailored to your needs.


Technology Agnostic

We’re proud of our unique non-partisan, technological approach. Supporting Java, T-Plan robot works super-efficiently across all desktop platforms, including Linux, Windows and Mac, as well as on both iOS and Android mobiles.

Further, whether you operate Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser, Robot won’t discriminate.  It’s the automated testing tool that does all the hard work for you.

T-Plan’s solution is affordable: there’s no need for separate licenses. Robot works across all systems and all environments.


T-Plan’s Test Anything, Anywhere Automation Software

  • Automate with better control for your complete application range or select the most important ones.
  • Choose the testing scenario you need to automate, then T-Plan Robot will record and then repeat it, as often as you need – with enhancements if required.
  • Create execution schedules, as well as workflow rules and pass custom parameters for intelligent decision handling.
  • You can even build appropriate tests into long-term software development projects. And, test for scalability, too.
  • Use the Command Line to interact remotely with your test environment. You can integrate Robot into your existing frameworks and toolsets using the built-in CLI capability.

Test Automation in the Accounting Sector

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  • No code access required
  • Visual UI testing tool
  • iOS and Mac compatible
  • All platforms supported
  • Mimics real time user experience
  • Record and playback function
  • Award winning support

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