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Award winning Visual UI testing tool providing image based human-like testing with low/no code, across any device or platform.

Desktop and Laptop

5 key benefits when you choose T-Plan

Trusted by major brands for 20 years, we were keen to understand what our clients see as the main advantages of working with T-Plan and our ‘T-Plan Robot’ Test Automation tool. We asked a selection of clients for their feedback.

1 - Cross-platform functionality - reducing timings by up to 50%

A highly influential factor in their selection of T-Plan is the ability to test across all platforms – iOS; Android; Desktop (macOS, Linux, Windows).

Unlike tools from other providers which are browser or platform-specific, this functionality enables test teams to write one script and then automate each step of testing, with limited interaction and the added benefit of reducing set-up and repeat testing time.

Some clients found cross-platform functionality led to reduced timings of up to 50% and enabled 24/7 testing, removing the requirement for an engineer to carry out the work.

2- Record and playback features

Having a consistent UI across multiple platforms, and enabling in-situ testing, ensures that test teams benefit from live UI testing, seeing the interface in the way that the end-user experiences it.

Record and Playback features provide the ability to capture and repeat test scenarios. This valuable insight into the customer experience ensures that developers create an intuitive interface and the best possible user experience.

3- Hands-on technical support

Clients tell us that the support they get from the T-Plan team is invaluable, with a combination
of excellent technical knowledge, and a willingness to help, 24/7.

An understanding and adaptable approach to finding solutions is essential for GUI Test Automation to meet new needs.

4 - Quick start-up and simple to use

T-Plan Robot is a quick start, intuitive automation tool. Support, training aids and workshops enable members of large test teams to quickly pick it up and run with it, with no requirement for modification to meet client needs.

5 - Saving time and money

We provide cost savings via a combination of our licence fee structure and the cross-platform functionality that delivers incredible time savings for developers.

"With T-Plan Robot you have a consistent UI across multiple platforms . . . to have the ability to start repeating tests within 3-4 hours is quite amazing"

What is T-Plan Robot?

Black Box Test Automation Tool

Non Invasive. Remote technology ensures isolated environment.

Test at the GUI level – like a human would do!

Image based test verification.

Environment agnostic 

Automates all major systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix and Solaris along with Mobile Platforms such as Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile with no rooting required.. 

Flexible Licensing

Charges for each simultaneous connection to the system under test. This is effectively a per user license. No different prices for different installations per environment (Windows version or Mac/Linux version.

File Based

No server or other additional costs.

Open Architecture – Java

Utilise the the worlds most used programming language to write and execute scripts with full Java support. Java code can be written and executed on the fly, use of Java IDE such as Netbeans or Eclipse is supported. Java Test Script Converter allows conversion of Robot scripts into Java.

Benefits of Adopting T-Plan Test Automation

Reduce Project costs by

  • Automate repetitive testing using computers rather than people
  • Identify issues before they hit production

Improve quality by

  • Human error is reduced by using automated testing
  • Tests are carried out in a consistent / controlled manner

Optimize Resources

  • Testing can be carried out after work hours
  • Reallocation of resources to focus on innovation rather than maintenance testing

Best Practice

  • Test execution performed via accurate test reproduction

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T-Plan Robot offers the most flexible test automation tool on the market, trusted by leading private and public sector organisations for over 20 years.

Explore the features:


Robotic Automation Portal

  • Web Portal
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting


  • Design/Develop
  • Test Scripts
  • Integrations
  • Java Test Scripts
  • Optional Use of JavaIDE (Netbeans, Eclipse)


  • Execute Tests
  • Command Line
* Requires at least one Development license for test creation

* All features are execution only
Floating Licenses Across Multiple Machines
Runs on Virtual Machine
Runs on Physical Machine
Runs over Remote Desktop / VNC
Web Management Portal
Automated Testing for Web
Automated Testing for Desktop
Automated Testing for Mobile (iOS, Android)
Automated Testing for Windows
Automated Testing for Linux
Automated Testing for Mac
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Test Scheduling
Enterprise Reporting
Enterprise Dashboard
Business Process Editor
Cross Browser Testing
Testing of SaaS tools(Salesforce, Workday, Oracle, SAP, Hubspot, etc)
Parallel Testing
Remote Execution
Realtime & Prompted Reporting
Data-driven Testing
Keyword-Driven Testing
API Testing
Continuous Testing for DevOps
Intelligent Computer Vision (Google Vision)
CAD Automation Testing
GIS Map / Radar Automation
Point of Sale (POS) Automation
Functional UI Testing
Mobile Application Testing
Model-Based Testing
Non-intrusive Black Box Testing
Regression Testing
User Acceptance Testing
Continuous Integration & Continuous Development (CI/CD) Integration Plugins
Coded Automation JAVA
Low Code / No Code Codeless Automation
Record & Playback Visual Test Recorder
Shared Object Repository
Modular Reusable Test Scripts
Object-based Recognition
Image-based Recognition
Coordinate-based Recognition
Graphical Script Editor
Email & Office Integration (Gmail, Office365, Excel, Word, etc.)
Conditions & Loops
Optical Character Recognition (ABBYY, Google Vision, Teseract)
Jenkins Integration
Selenium Integration
AdderLink iPEPS Config Integration
ALM Integration
Source Control (SVN, TFS, GitHub, etc)
Build & Release Management (CI/CD)(TFS, Jenkins, Hudson, GitHub, etc)
Test Management (TestRail, HP ALM, MS Test Manager, TFS, Jira, etc)
Issue & Defect Management (Jira, TFS, etc)

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  • No code access required
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