Benefits for our Clients

Our Clients have told us that the following are key factors in the success of our long-term relationships:

  • Cross-platform functionality, reducing developer time and enabling 24/7 test automation
    – iOS; Android; Windows Mobile; Desktop (macOS, Linux, Windows)
  • In-situ testing, representative of the customer experience
  • Record and replay capability
  • Object search and background detection, detect objects by colour, colour range and on different backgrounds
  • Exceptional support from T-Plan, from customer service through to technical development
  • Training and workshop support to ensure a quick-start for the whole team
  • Competitive pricing and a license model that gives maintenance flexibility and added value as the relationship grows

Trusted by leading companies

T-Plan Robot Enterprise (formerly known as VNCRobot) is the most flexible, award-winning, and universal ‘black box’ automation tools on the market.
Developed on image-based testing principles, Robot is used by many organisations to record & playback user actions for Test Automation or Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Built on Java, Robot performs well in situations where other tools may fail. For example, our solution is ideal for moving data from legacy applications, which commonly have little or no API’s, to new systems efficiently. Or test applications visually as a human would do, using surface automation at the GUI desktop or mobile level.