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The ultimate guide on using Selenium WebDriver for browser automation testing

Selenium WebDriver is a popular tool for automating web application testing. It allows testers to interact with web applications just as a real user would. By automating these integrations, Selenium WebDriver enables comprehensive testing of web applications across different browsers and platforms, ensuring consistency and reliability in functionality. Being open-source, Selenium WebDriver is widely used

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Frameworks vs Platforms in Testing

Automation testing has become a critical component in ensuring the quality and reliability of application. As testing practices advance, professionals are often faced with the decision of whether to use testing frameworks or testing platforms. Understanding the differences between these two options is essential for making informed decisions that can optimise the testing process. Testing

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Mobile Game Test Automation

AI and Machine Learning in Game Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have become pivotal technologies in the game development space, transforming how games are developed, played and experienced. These technologies enhance everything from the behaviour of non-player characters (NPCs) to the personalisation of player experiences, making them integral to modern game development. The potential for AI and ML to

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The Ultimate Guide to Android Automation Testing

Quality and reliability are crucial to mobile game development, and the only way quality and reliability are achieved is through extensive automated testing. This practice helps development teams to speed up their testing processes, maintain consistency, and scale their efforts efficiently across a vast array of devices and platforms. Automated Android testing significantly accelerates the

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Continuous Integration Testing for Game Development

A successful mobile game is rarely developed by one person. Whether you’re an indie studio with less than 5 people, or a AAA studio with hundreds, there’s a common challenge when trying to develop a game  – how on earth do you deal with code being written by multiple developers, often multiple times a day?

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How secure is it to use AI systems, particularly in environments with stringent security requirements?

Ensuring AI Security in Off-line and Secure Environments 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving rapidly, surpassing previous technological advancements in its learning and growth.   However, a critical question arises: how secure is it to use AI systems, particularly in environments with stringent security requirements? Many industries, such as defence, healthcare, and financial institutions, operate in off-line environments where data integrity, privacy, and security are

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T-Plan Robot comes with the web portal, development and execution features. Thanks to its open architecture with extension interface, the platform can also be easily customised and integrated with other systems.

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