Automated Retail Software Testing

  • Ideal for testing omnichannel retail applications across multiple devices
  • Image-based testing to replicate a real-life customer experience
  • Intuitive UI for both technical and non-technical staff
Desktop and Laptop

Retailers are under constant pressure to provide the optimum omnichannel user experience. However, to do so requires ongoing testing which can prove time-consuming and prone to human error. T-Plan Robot is platform and technology agnostic, making it ideal to automate tests for anything for your ePOS through to your eCommerce store. With a visual interface, T-Plan Robot provides the most intuitive and flexible automation testing tool on the market.

Any device,
any OS

Built on Java our tool is environment and system agnostic and is able to connect to a multitude of different accountancy software

Intuitive Visual
Testing Tool

T-Plan Robot automates the testing of software and business processes at end-user level, mimicking the work that a human being would do

Non-Intrusive – No Source Instrumentation

T-Plan Robot does not require any internal modification to the system or application under test

Improved Accuracy,
Lower Costs

Automate repetitive tasks and save hundreds of working hours, improve accuracy and maximise efficiency

Test Automate Anywhere Graphic

See T-Plan Robot in Action

Demonstration of T-Plan

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  • No code access required
  • Visual UI testing tool
  • iOS and Mac compatible
  • All platforms supported
  • Mimics real time user experience
  • Record and playback function
  • Award winning support

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