About Us

With over 20 years of experience in business automation, T-Plan is chosen by global businesses from Blue Chip to SME, charities to Government bodies to provide business process automation and GUI test automation tools for business-critical processes.

Active in a variety of industry sectors across the globe, T-Plan have clients in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australasia.  We provide 24/7 knowledgeable technical support whenever it’s required, to meet our Clients’ needs.

We have a solution for any environment, supplying best of breed solutions and services, to enable our Clients to maximise their IT potential, optimise business performance and meet their strategic objectives.


Charlie Wheeler


With 25 years experience in technology, across Robotic Desktop Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Test Automation, Test Management, Requirements Management, Test Process & Methods and Development, Charlie drives the strategic focus for T-Plan, listening to customers and continually developing service levels and product propositions to meet customer needs.

Prior to joining T-Plan, Charlie was Credit Risk Management System Team Leader and Test Manager, for Deutsche Bank. This hands-on experience has been valuable in understanding Client challenges and priorities.

Leena Lukha

Sales Manager

Working closely with our Clients to understand their business requirements, Leena ensures that T-Plan deliver exceptional levels of service and support 24/7.

Leena has worked in IT and technology for 17 years and having been managing T-Plan Client relationships for over 9 years, Leena ensures that our Clients benefit from strong working relationships and highly valued continuity, which is essential when timescales and outcomes are critical.

David Sharman

Technical Sales & Support Manager

Highly experienced and knowledgeable across Test Management, Test Strategy and User Acceptance Testing, David career spans 22 years in testing and software development, including a placement at The Bank of England.

Our Clients acknowledge David’s exceptional knowledge and total commitment to continual improvement of T-Plan solutions, to meet evolving needs and ensure best possible outcomes every time.




Specialist Partners

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    Cognitive Health

    Cognitive Health have a mission to change the way healthcare is managed today. Their Smart Assist Platform connects providers, payers and patients using advanced digital and cognitive technologies and help them build trust, reduce administrative burdens and manage wellness and care.

    In this regard T-Plan are delighted to welcome Cognitive Health as their exclusive distribution partner in the US, in the Healthcare industry. We at T-Plan wish Cognitive Health great success with their RPA solution.


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    HeartCore Robo

    Since 2009 HeartCore have developed powerful web CMS (Content Management System) solutions. Recently through an acquisition of an RPA service company, HeartCore have realised the potential for adding to their partner network, a solution for Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

    In this regard T-Plan are delighted to welcome HeartCore as their exclusive distribution partner in Japan. We at T-Plan wish HeartCore great success with their HeartCore Robo RPA solution.



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    Based throughout the heart of Europe, Emenda specialises in the provision of software testing tools and consultancy services for the development and verification of safety critical, business critical or high integrity software systems, to customers worldwide. The name Emenda derives from the Latin to improve or make free from errors. Our goal is to help implement rigorous testing strategies and recommend tools that improve the quality of software produced and minimize the risk of software defects escaping into the field.


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    Tecklytics are an Automation Services company helping businesses maximize their potential with End-to-End Intelligent process automation along with analytic solutions. Tecklytics have considerable process excellence and industry vertical experience in India and Singapore, implement right-fit Automation & Analytics solutions that are sustainable in the future as your business grows in scale and complexity.


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    Established in 1993, Beijing Watertek Information Technology Co. Ltd is a company of advanced technology, specializing in providing our users services, products and training in specialized technical arenas, including real-time application development and support for embedded systems as well as IT and e-business solutions.
    Watertek offers consulting, software development and production.