Automate Desktop Application Testing with T-Plan Robot

Develop, Schedule and Execute Tests on Windows, Linux, Mac or Unix desktop applications with the most flexible test automation solution on the market

T-Plan Robot for accountancy on a Mac

Full Windows, Linux, Mac and Unix compatibility

No need to type a single line of code using T-Plan’s intuitive UI

Intuitive Image-Based & Object recognition

Seamless integrations with core DevOps platforms including Selenium & Jenkins

T-Plan has over 20 years of experience in desktop application testing helping customers small and large across the public and private sector.

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Any desktop application on any OS

T-Plan Robot is a Java & Browser based solution giving users the flexibility to test any desktop application, even web-based applications across any operating system including Windows, Linux, Mac and Unix.

As automation inputs and outputs are produced and consumed on the OS level, the application technology (programming platform) becomes irrelevant, and a single testing tool can automate any GUI application or a set of applications based on various technologies.

Low Code or No Code

T-Plan allows anyone within your organisation to design and execute end-to-end tasks across any device, browser, OS and technology. With record and playback functionality, you can repeat, edit and enhance at every step.

The intuitive flow and drag and drop UI is designed for tech and non-tech staff alike, aiding adoption across your organisation.

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Banking Automation Demonstration

Image Based Test Automation

T-Plan Robot is the most flexible test automation tool on the market. As an image-based tool, it provides a true “end-user approach”, making it extremely easy to learn. 

The tool navigates through the GUI the same way a user does and verifies the test results visually, seeing the same image output as the user.  Thus verifying UI design, usability, correct asset placement and ensuring SUT adheres to visual impairment parameters.

Integrations and Plugins

T-Plan Robot offers native integrations to Selenium, Jenkins, Google Vision, ABBYY, Tesseract, Office365, Gmail, ALM, and SQL Databases and more.

T-Plan Robot provides native plugins for IOS, Android, and other utilities (command line etc.) in addition to working in collaboration with customers to build bespoke plugins for complete platform flexibility.

Run Tests in Parallel

Tests can be run in parallel across both physical or virtual machines powered by T-Plan Robot, and managed across multiple departments using our web-based Robot Automation Portal.

Gain a single-view of all tests in the Robotic Automation Portal. The T-Plan Robot Automation Portal (“RAP”) is a web application that allows small and corporate size teams to manage their RPA efforts, streamlining the operational overhead into a central portal which can be accessed from any browser, on any OS from any location.

Through a simple interface automated actions can be synchronized into an efficient process flow with visibility from start to finish. Easily view current status, past results and queued tasks across your entire Robot workforce from a central viewpoint.


T-Plan Robot comes with the web portal, development and execution features. Thanks to its open architecture with extension interface, the platform can also be easily customised and integrated with other systems.

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6 hour process now takes 10 minutes. Our virtual robots have saved time, effort, money & resource.”

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Reduced man hours by approximately 1 hour per day per tester. At that level, saving us 32.5 hours per week – a considerable cost saving.”

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Automate Desktop Application Testing

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  • No code access required
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