Desktop Test Automation

Test ANYthing ANYwhere

GUI Test Automation Tool

T-Plan’s Cross-Platform GUI Test Automation Software can run the same tests across different devices, and platforms.

T-Plan Robot is a highly flexible, easy to use, image-based black box GUI test automation tool that creates robust automated scripts and exercises applications in the same way as would an end-user. T-Plan Robot is platform-independent (Java) and runs on, and test automates all major systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix plus mobile platforms. We have a solution for any environment.

Supporting all of the major operating systems from Windows, Mac and Linux, desktop GUI automation can be achieved across a network (through VNC), or  locally using a single machine.

Automate your entire desktop environment or a select number of features and applications. Drive the desktop, physical or virtual machines, using the standard interaction methods of mouse and keyboard.

Cross-Platform | ANY and ALL Applications

Having the ability to automate every aspect of a desktop harnesses great power and control. Produce complete end to end tests incorporating multiple applications, integrations, web, native and custom applications.

Simple Single Machine Setup

Having a self-contained environment where only a single machine is required to design, run and debug your automation efforts drastically reduces the setup complexity, security risks, maintenance effort and also hardware cost!

Every Browser, Every Technology

Support everything: Chrome, IE, Safari, Qt, Flash, HTML5, OpenGL, Java, .NET, Silverlight, CAD / Paraview… the list is endless!

As T-Plan Robot works at the screen level, using standard user controls, it is able to automate EVERY browser type (and version) and EVERY technology that appears on your screen.

Record and Playback

Let the T-Plan Recorder do the work! Perform the scenario you wish to automate and T-Plan Robot will automatically capture all of the required information in order to repeat it, as many times as you need. Edit and enhance the resulting scenario if needed using straight forward dialogs and features.

Low Code – No Code

Automaton scripts are easily created or edited using a modularised gui script editor, allowing the drag and drop of action blocks to create cross-platform code scripts. Robot is a java application and thus supports java scripting and our own easy to use proprietary scripting language.

Create Once, Execute Repetitively

Run your scenarios at a convenient time, as many times as you need, on any machines you wish. Run individual scripts or entire end to end processes with a click of a button.


Manage and organize your test scripts into execution schedules. Build workflow rules and pass custom parameters to provide intelligent decision handling.

Execute and Control through Command Line

Use the Command Line to remotely interact with your test environment. Integrate T-Plan Robot into your existing frameworks and toolsets using the built-in CLI capability.