Image-Based Automated Testing

Our guide to understanding and harnessing the power of image-based testing.

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In today's software landscape, organisations are presented with various testing methodologies, each with its own unique advantages and considerations. We specialise in harnessing image-based testing to deliver an intuitive, user-friendly, and accessible automated testing tool that benefits stakeholders throughout your organisation.


A comprehensive visual testing approach that ensures an accurate representation of the application's appearance and behaviour.

Intuitive Test

Easily create tests by visually capturing the desired interactions and verifications, simplifying the testing workflow.

Adaptability and

Efficient automation on a wide range of business applications, regardless of platform or technology

What is Image-Based Testing?

Image based testing is a universal approach which performs well in environments with mixed technologies and in certain cases where object oriented tools fail or lack support of a certain feature or technology.

Instead of relying on traditional code-based tests, image-based testing focuses on the graphical user interface (GUI) elements. It captures baseline images representing the expected visual state and compares them to the actual application state during test execution. By analyzing pixel-level differences, it helps detect visual regressions, inconsistencies, or unexpected changes in the application’s appearance.

Demonstration of T-Plan GUI
Banking Automation Demonstration

Our Image-Based Testing Tool in Action

By creating a series of scripts or actions, T-Plan Robot  can exercise or drive applications in the way that the end user would, providing critical validation that the customer will see what you want them to see – in situ functionality, giving you live UI testing and record and playback features to automatically capture and repeat the test scenario.

Image-Based Testing Vs Object-Oriented Testing

Image Based TestingObject Oriented Testing
Accessibility Requires less technical skills, making it accessible to non-technical testersRequires more technical knowledge and programming skills
MaintenanceComplete application technology independence. As automation inputs and outputs are produced and consumed on the OS level, the application technology (programming platform) becomes irrelevant, and a single testing tool can automate any GUI application or a set of application based on various technologies.Platform upgrades usually require an upgrade of the testing tool, which in turn causes compatibility risks, and increases costs.
Some producers even introduce support of a higher platform version with a significant delay from the platform release, which poses a schedule risk as well.
SecurityNon-invasive testing. As image based testing tools usually do not need any other other software besides the OS, they can be applied in cases where the test specifications require to keep the system under test free of any third party software.
Testing performed as a user so conforms to all security and audit controls.
Object level interaction can bypass security features and audit controls. System level intrusion required to see OS or application level paths / hooks. In some cases API level intrusion is required causing security breaches.
Cross-Platform / Cross DeviceFocus on the GUI allows our solution to be fully platform independent and environment agnostic. Runs on and automates all major systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac plus mobile platforms.Object automation tools are by design platform and environment specific.
End-User / Human TouchThe tool navigates through the GUI the same way a user does and verifies the test results visually seeing the same image output as the user.
Robot is an “image based” test automation tool and approaches validation from the end-user perspective, providing critical validation that what you want the customer to see, they will actually get. We do this by capturing images and checking these images have remain unchanged during the test execution etc. I.e. just like a human would do by comparing 2 photos… or 2 pictures from memory… but doing it programmatically, and therefore eliminating human error and saving time and therefore money!
Lack of access to the application GUI components.

The fact is that if you are not using Robot you may be testing your code and qualifying that it does not have any bugs that a computer can detect, but a computer isn’t a person. A person doesn’t read code when they are using an application they work with, or a game. Therefore, without testing your software’s interface (GUI) by “seeing it” or “reading it”, can you really confidently say that you know your application will deliver the desired experience to the end user.
Application Programming Diagram
Object Oriented Diagram

Why Choose Image Based Automation Testing?

Our automated testing tool provides businesses with an efficient and reliable tool for testing visual elements of your interface. By automating the visual verification process, you can:

  • Save significant time and effort compared to manual testing
  • Achieve faster releases and increase productivity
  • Detect visual regressions, inconsistencies, or unintended changes in their applications’ appearance
  • Ensure a consistent and high-quality user experience

Image based testing is more generic and universal. It performs well in environments with mixed technologies and in certain cases where object oriented tools fail or lack support of a certain feature or technology. Automation development costs are typically lower because of simplicity of implementation.

Ultimately, leveraging image-based automated testing can enhance the overall quality, reliability, and visual integrity of a business’s applications, leading to improved customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage in the market.

When is an image-based approach right for your business?

To determine if an image-based approach is right for your organisation, the key questions to ask are:

If the answer is yes to the majority of the above then image-based automation tools may be the right solution for you.

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