Data-Driven Test (DDT) Automation Tool

Create more robust, faster automation cycles with T-Plan Robot’s data-driven testing features

Desktop and Laptop

Continuous testing has many benefits but choosing the right automation tool is key. Cross-platform, codeless scripting, error highlighting, CI/CD integration are all features that make Robot a perfect fit to successfully implement Continuous Testing in your organisation.

Flexible input data sources

Input external data from spreadsheets, PDFs, XML files, databases, API feeds and more

Visual User Interface

A visual approach to KDD speeds up testing and allows technical and non-technical staff alike to run tests

Single script, unlimited testing

Run one script cross-device, browser and OS with different parameters

Data-Driven Testing allows you to automate tests where multiple parameters and variables need to be inputted. By fetching external data and inputting this into a tool such as T-Plan Robot, you can run through many data permutations to identify best-case, worst-case, positive and negative test scenarios.

Data Driven Testing Diagram
Banking Automation Demonstration

T-Plan Robot is the most flexible tool on the market, allowing you to input data feeds in various formats including spreadsheets, databases, PDFs, text files and more. At any point in the automation cycle, T-Plan Robot can communicate and use live data through APIs and web requests.

Low Code, No Code Data-Driven Testing Tool

T-Plan Robot allows anyone within your organisation to design and execute automated data-driven tests across any device, browser and OS. The intuitive flow and drag and drop UI is designed for tech and non-tech staff alike, aiding adoption across your organisation.

Animated Laptop
Animated laptop

Benefits of a Data-Driven Testing Framework

  • More robust testing cycles based on multiple sets of data values
  • Streamline testing with a single test script for every browser, device and OS combination
  • Input varied parameters to maximise testing scenarios
  • Post back results of use cases into data source
  • T-Plan Robot allows codeless data-driven testing thanks to the visual drag-and-drop UI, making automation even faster and easier to implement across your organisation
  • Identify positive and negative test cases at speed and scale
  • Run ‘exception handling’ test cases
  • Accelerate regression testing by reusing baselined datasets
Banking Automation Demonstration

Data-Driven Testing Example

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  • No code access required
  • Visual UI testing tool
  • iOS and Mac compatible
  • All platforms supported
  • Mimics real time user experience
  • Record and playback function
  • Award winning support

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