Functional UI Automation

Automate the testing of any User Interface on any Operating System and any device

T-Plan Robot for accountancy on a Mac

Any application, any
device, any OS

Automate anything on the screen, on any platform

Low code or
no code

No need to type a single line of code using T-Plan’s intuitive UI


Release staff from mundane tasks to maximise their potential

Reliable and

Repeat user interactions continually with zero fatigue

Trusted by leading companies for over 20 years

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T-Plan Robot is the most flexible tool on the market, allowing you to input data feeds in various formats including spreadsheets, databases, PDFs, text files and more. At any point in the automation cycle, T-Plan Robot can communicate and use live data through APIs and web requests.

T-Plan Robot for accountancy on a Mac
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Why Automate Functional UI Testing?

It is essential to verify that any application works as intended for the end users. The only way to do this is to navigate the application exactly as a user would, through the standard controls.
Overlapping or miss-aligned elements, incorrect logos and images are all typical issues that are easily identified with image based functional UI automation that could otherwise be missed if looking purely at backend code/elements.

Verify functional elements of your application through native user interactions.


The simple drag and drop editor makes automation accessible to people of all levels of experience across your organisation.

Create Once, Repeat

With minimal maintenance you can run repetitive cycles of automation tests, increasing ROI with each cycle.

Record and

Create repeatable automation packs by simply recording your own actions as you step through your application. No need to ever see or write any automation code.

External data

Drive automated actions and execution flow based on data from various formats including spreadsheets, databases, pdf’s and text files.

Automates every aspect at screen level

What you see is what you test. Business analysts can leverage application knowledge to assist in test case creation


Unlike any other tool on the market, T-Plan Robot can automate across Mac, Windows, Linux; across IE/Edge, Safari, Firefox; across Java, MFC, WPF, QT, MacOS, HTML5; across Android, iOS and many more

Image-based for true
“end-user” simulation

The tool navigates through the GUI the same way a user does and verifies the test results visually, seeing the same image output as the user.

Integrations with
third party tools

Seamlessly blend T-Plan Robot into any framework or integrate directly with applications such as Jennkins Continuous Integration for Build/Test/Release cycles


T-Plan Robot comes with the web portal, development and execution features. Thanks to its open architecture with extension interface, the platform can also be easily customised and integrated with other systems.

Support at every stage

Extensive Training & Learning Centre

Online workshops tailored to your key objectives

Live chat

Frequent product updates & new feature releases

Platform Agnostic, Seamless Integration

Tool Integrations

A vast number of integrations are available, including Selenium Object Automation support saving you time, effort and money building and maintaining the Selenium testing framework.

Platform Agnostic

Cross-browser, cross-device GUI web and mobile automation. Web and Desktop Automation on Mac, Windows and Linux using same application, code and files.

Image Recognition

Delivering critical user feedback from the perspective of the end user. Validate what you see not what the code says.

Low Code/No Code

An intuitive UI designed to be used by both technical and non-technical staff with drag and drop functionality.

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  • No code access required
  • Visual UI testing tool
  • iOS and Mac compatible
  • All platforms supported
  • Mimics real time user experience
  • Record and playback function
  • Award winning support

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