Test Automation in the Healthcare Sector

  • Find and extract patient data in your database quickly and easily
  • Automate input and storage of patient records
  • Custom frameworks for the movement of data through your system
Desktop and Laptop

T-Plan offers an end-to-end solution to both the public and private health sectors, with automated tools that are easy to implement and use thanks to a graphical user interface.

T-Plan Robot is high quality test automation tool. With direct experience of working within the NHS, this is a sector we understand well. Our mission remains:

To support your drive for improved process efficiencies and cost savings within the healthcare sector. And, to ensure that patient care remains at the heart of everything you do. How? Through ensuring that any inconsistencies, issues or bugs in the software being tested can be spotted and fixed before they affect your organisation. Likewise, any processes or communications between your interconnected systems.

With over 20 years’ expertise in software testing automation, we recognise how complex the chain of connections can be within healthcare. Given that software is involved at so many stages of patient interaction, it must be tested as robustly as possible.

T-Plan Robot automates the testing of software and other processes at end-user level, mimicking the work that a human being would do. Yet, more efficiently, much faster, without errors, and with no need for holidays or days off.

Any device,
any OS

Built on Java our tool is environment and system agnostic and is able to connect to a multitude of different accountancy software

Intuitive Visual
Testing Tool

T-Plan Robot automates the testing of software and business processes at end-user level, mimicking the work that a human being would do

Non-Intrusive – No Source Instrumentation

T-Plan Robot does not require any internal modification to the system or application under test

Improved Accuracy,
Lower Costs

Automate repetitive tasks and save hundreds of working hours, improve accuracy and maximise efficiency

Test Automate Anywhere Graphic

Case Study: Automation Support for the Welsh National Health Services

Our team was tasked with automating the billing and reconciliation of nurses rostering systems for the Welsh National Health Service. Find out how our front-end GUI robotics tools helped to reduce time spent on manual tasks and improve data accuracy to 100% in just 2 months.


T-Plan Robot comes with the web portal, development and execution features. Thanks to its open architecture with extension interface, the platform can also be easily customised and integrated with other systems.

An Authentically “Agnostic” Tool for the Healthcare Sector

Does your organisation work via different systems? Some legacy, some new?

No problem. T-Plan Robot can literally automate anything, anywhere.

As it operates across numerous applications and platforms, it’s truly system agnostic. Plus, it can test on mobiles and desktop environments.

Using Java, your testers can deploy Robot with Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Solaris and so on. Get in touch with T-Plan to find out more.

Further, whether you operate Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser, Robot works perfectly on all of them.

Step Forward T-Plan Robot – A User-Friendly Guide

T-Plan Robot is an “image-based” tool that works at user level, operating as a human being would in a testing environment. Is the software fit for purpose? Does it, at a basic level, work “properly”? With Robot, your testing team will know.

  • Choose the testing scenario you need to automate, then T-Plan Robot will record and repeat it as often as you need – and tweak if necessary.
  • Create execution schedules as well as workflow rules; pass custom parameters for intelligent decision handling.
  • You can even build appropriate tests into long-term software development projects. And, test for scalability, too.
  • Use the Command Line to interact remotely with your test environment. You can integrate Robot into your existing frameworks and toolsets using the built-in CLI capability.

    With no need for modification to the system or application under automation, there’s no “intrusion” necessary. Robot spots and reports on bugs from the “outside”.

T-Plan’s Test Anything, Anywhere Automation Software for the Healthcare Sector

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  • No code access required
  • Visual UI testing tool
  • iOS and Mac compatible
  • All platforms supported
  • Mimics real time user experience
  • Record and playback function
  • Award winning support

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