Unveiling the Hottest Topics from GDC 2024.

Stepping into the electrifying ambiance of GDC 2024, with its colossal gaming presence and bustling crowds, the T-Plan team donned our signature orange and black ‘on brand’ coats and dove headfirst into the action. Over the course of the event, we covered an impressive 180,000 steps, equivalent to 75 miles, engaging with game developers, testing houses, and QA specialists. Here’s a glimpse into the burning questions and topics that dominated discussions in the testing realm. 

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Elevated Consumer Expectations: With the gaming landscape evolving rapidly, consumers’ demand for seamless gameplay experiences has skyrocketed. What was once dismissed as a mere ‘glitch’ is now scrutinised more closely, underscoring the need for impeccable quality standards. 
  • Pressing Demands on QA Test Houses: QA test houses face mounting pressure to expedite testing processes and sign off on games swiftly, all within increasingly tighter budgets. 
  • AI and testing: The buzz around AI and its impact on testing was palpable, with discussions centering on how Game Test Automation accelerates the creation, execution, and maintenance of test scripts. Our Visual UI Testing tool proved to be a perfect fit for this dialogue, as it adeptly identifies patterns in visual test data, streamlining the testing process. 
  • Localisation: Localisation emerged as a prominent theme, with companies keen on globally delivering accurate and seamless game portals in multiple languages. Our discussions underscored the importance of catering to diverse linguistic and cultural preferences to enhance user experiences worldwide. 
  • Mobile game testing: The significance of testing across various devices, platforms, and operating systems remained paramount, evidenced by the 70% of inquiries directed towards our product specifically focusing on mobile devices. The need for comprehensive mobile game testing persists, highlighting the ongoing importance of ensuring optimal performance and usability across all mobile platforms. 

Our Solutions: 

At T-Plan, we’ve long recognised the potential of our testing software to revolutionise the gaming industry’s UI and UX offerings, streamlining the path to immersive gameplay experiences. Our globally utilised software has already made significant strides in assisting mobile testing game houses, delivering tangible benefits in terms of time, cost, and resource savings to the delight of both companies and consumers alike. 

Investing in our automated Visual UI testing tool empowers testers to identify visual errors beyond the code, replicating real-life user experiences with unparalleled accuracy. This enables rapid improvements in usability and functionality, enhancing the overall gaming experience. 

Moreover, our award-winning approach to browser testing, by enabling visual testing across any device without backend code access, provides unmatched ease of use and reliability, earning the trust of global game houses. See our portfolio of brands here. 


In an era where consumer expectations for reliability are at an all-time high, our software stands poised to alleviate a multitude of challenges for game developers. With our solutions, the arduous task of delivering games swiftly within tight budgets may soon become a thing of the past. 

If you’re interested in exploring how T-Plan can help alleviate your workload and propel your game development to new heights, reach out for an informal chat using the form below or contact us here. We’re ready to go the extra mile – or 75, and then some – to support your journey towards gaming excellence. 


As the gaming industry continues to evolve, T-Plan remains committed to pioneering solutions that empower developers, testers, and gaming enthusiasts alike. Together, let’s redefine the boundaries of gaming excellence and shape the future of interactive entertainment. 

    Dave on the T-Plan booth at #GDC2024

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