Top 5 Reasons to Automate Game Testing Localisation

In the #2 of a series of top 5’s we detail why T-Plan’s Test Automation solution has been used for many years by small through to large gaming studios. Here below are the top 5 reasons why we believe you should be automating your game testing localisation.

1) Save Time

Automated game localisation testing can save time and resources for the QA team. Running automated tests can quickly identify errors or issues, allowing the team to address them before the game is released.

2) Increased Accuracy

Automated testing can help ensure the accuracy of localised content. With automated tests, the QA team can easily check translations, or localisation changes across multiple languages.

3) Be Consistent

Automated testing can help ensure that the game’s localised content is consistent across all languages and platforms. This consistency is crucial, especially for multiplayer games where different languages are often used in the same game.

4) Be Scalable

As a game grows and more content is added, it can become difficult to manually test every piece of localised content. Automated testing can help scale the testing process and ensure that all new and existing content is tested and localised correctly.

5) Save Money

Automating game testing localisation can help reduce costs associated with testing, such as the need for manual testing teams. This can free up resources and budget for other aspects of the game development process.

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Top 5 Reasons to Automate Game Testing Localisation

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