Top 5 Reasons to Automate Game Testing

T-Plan’s Test Automation solution has been used for many years by small through to large gaming studios. Here below are the top 5 reasons why we believe you should be automating your game testing.

1) Save Time

Automated game testing saves a lot of time as compared to manual testing.  Automation can run thousands of test cases in a short period of time, which would take weeks or even months to perform manually.

2) Increased Accuracy

Automated testing eliminates the chances of human error, which can occur during manual testing. It ensures that the test results are accurate and reliable.

3) Save Money

Automated testing is more cost-effective than manual testing. Although the initial set- up cost may be higher, it pays off in the long run, as automation reduces the need for hiring additional staff and improves the overall efficiency of the testing process.

4) Tedious Testing

Many elements of game testing are repetitive and tedious, such as regression testing. Automation can easily handle these tasks, eliminating the need for human intervention. Also allows for testers to be re-focused in other areas.

5) Early Detection of Bugs

Automated testing can detect bugs at an early stage, that might go unnoticed in manual testing. This helps in resolving these issues early in the development process, which reduces the time and cost required for bug fixes at a later stage.

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Top 5 Reasons to Automate Game Testing

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