Realistic Software Testing with Behavioral Patterns is possible with T-Plan 

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Let’s be honest, making sure that systems behave just like users expect is important in any industry. That’s where behavioral pattern analysis comes in! It’s all about checking out how software behaves in different situations to catch any weird stuff that might happen. At T-Plan, we’re all about helping Quality Assurance (QA) testers do this in … Read more

The Future of Game Testing: T-Plan’s CEO Delivers Key Insights @GDC 2024

Watch our very own Charlie Wheeler, T-Plan’s CEO, talk to the #gdc2024 news desk team about the future of Visually Automating #gametesting and the significant gains the Gaming Industry can achieve with the software. ‘I believe the Gaming Industry has woken up to test automation and realised the value automation can deliver on projects to … Read more

Level Up Your Game Development: The Power of Game Test Automation

In the ever-evolving world of game development, delivering high-quality gaming experiences is crucial for capturing and retaining players’ attention. As games become more complex and immersive, ensuring their functionality, performance, and reliability across different platforms and devices poses significant challenges for companies. This is where game test automation steps in as literally a ‘game-changer’. Pun … Read more

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