A comprehensive guide to iOS automation testing

Automation testing is crucial for ensuring consistency, quality, efficiency and user satisfaction in your mobile apps and games. The purpose of automating your app testing extends beyond just identifying pre-release bugs – it allows you as a developer to maintain consistent performance across device iterations, and also to quickly adapt to iOS updates, minimising disruption. … Read more

Can mobile regression testing be automated?

Regression testing is an indispensable part of mobile app development. It ensures that updates and bug fixes don’t adversely affect existing functionality, important for maintaining app stability and a good user experience. Regression testing in a nutshell involves re-running tests on every build, to ensure that recent changes integrate well with the existing build and … Read more

How automation and AI influence mobile app testing

Automation has long been vital to efficient mobile app and game testing strategies. However – it’s impossible to ignore particularly in the last few years how the infusion of AI has enhanced the capabilities of testing automation in several ways. Not only is this leading to much faster testing cycles but is also delivering far … Read more

Cloud-based vs on-premise automated mobile game testing

While both cloud-based and on-premise testing both have their advantages and disadvantages, and in all likelihood you will be best served using a mixture of both, there is a debate that exists in the industry about which is better. Of course, cloud-testing is much more scalable, likely cheaper and in many situations it’s just easier, … Read more

Should you build or buy your testing automation tools?

Building vs buying your test automation tools is a strategic decision that will impact every phase of your app’s development and product lifecycle. There are several different frameworks and services available on the market – some you pay for, and some you don’t. There’s a certain allure of the tailored specificity and control you get … Read more

AI-Powered Image Detection: Seeing is Believing 

In every QA tester’s workflow process, visually testing the user experience is fundamental to ensuring the accuracy of the user journey. The process of manually verifying each visual aspect of an application can be time-consuming and prone to human error. However, with the power of AI, this process has been significantly streamlined with T-Plan’s software—integrating … Read more

Leveraging AI to Read Content: Beyond the Surface 

In today’s world of Artificial Intelligence, a comprehensive testing approach goes beyond UI interactions and delves into validating the content accuracy across various file formats. In this blog we’re going to show how T-Plan shines in this area of testing. Leveraging AI-powered Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies from Google AI and ABBYY to read and … Read more

How AI-Powered Automated Testing Transforms Workflows 

Everyone is talking about AI at the moment and how we, as testers, can harness it to produce better testing development. We’re lucky here at T-Plan to have an adaptable and flexible tool which beautifully integrates with AI-Powered testing.   In this blog we talk about AI-powered testing using our T-Plan software and how we utilise … Read more

Realistic Software Testing with Behavioral Patterns is possible with T-Plan 

Man using a tablet device

Let’s be honest, making sure that systems behave just like users expect is important in any industry. That’s where behavioral pattern analysis comes in! It’s all about checking out how software behaves in different situations to catch any weird stuff that might happen. At T-Plan, we’re all about helping Quality Assurance (QA) testers do this in … Read more

Test Driven Development vs Behaviour Driven Development

Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) are methodologies at the forefront of software testing, optimising the way developer’s approach coding to ensure more robust and reliable applications.   Incorporating TDD and BDD into your development workflow can transform the quality and effectiveness of the software produced. This article aims to provide an in-depth comparison of … Read more

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