NHS - Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Healthcare Case Study


Health. Welsh National Health Service (Gwasanaeth Iechyd Gwladol Cymru).

The Challenge

Automated billing & reconciliation of nurses rostering system.


Implementation of an automated process using only front end GUI robotics.

Financial Automation for the Health Industry

Automation of the Nurse Rostering Process for NHS

Automate ANYthing, Anywhere… Your personal army of Robots!

Financial Payment & Staff Invoice Automation

To automate the rostering process, which is a resource hungry time consuming workow. Data from different formats is entered into the roster system, and orders are created for supplier payment.

Virtual Workforce

Automation scripts created to automate following process at the UI desktop level with NO API or application code development:

  • Data extracted from Oracle web front-end into MS Excel.
  • Data entered into Roster system from MS Excel.

  • Order record created. PO number captured for validation.

Why T-Plan Robot

  • Application agnostic. Automation of any application – legacy or new.
  • GUI level automation meant no API interaction – security sensitive.
  • Tool easy to use as limited on-site programming expertise.

  • Management control of scheduled tasks.


  • Time reduced automating manual tasks – Saved Time!
  • Increased performance and success of work functions – Saved Effort!
  • Work items completed 15 times quicker – Saved Money!

  • 6 hour manual process now automated, takes 10 minutes – Saved Time!

  • Centralised control over the automated process – Saved Resource!

Our virtual robots have saved time, effort, money & resource.
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