Energy Company - Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Consumer Account Migration Case Study


Cooperative Energy / Power

The Challenge

Automated migration of 230,000 customer accounts migration.


Implementation of an automated process using only front end GUI surface automation.

Consumer Account Automation for the Energy Industry

Customer Account Migration Automation for the Power Sector.

Automate ANYthing, Anywhere… Your personal army of Robots!

Delivering Automated Consumer Account Migration

Following the purchase of an energy company, the new owner required the migration of consumer account records from the legacy system to their system.

Project Scope

Faced with a manual copy & paste activity of over 230,000 customer account records, from the legacy to the new accounts system, an automated robotic process solution was required. Leveraging T-Plan’s expertise with the ‘test automation’ team we were asked to implement the solution.

T-Plan was tasked with the implementation of an automated process using only surface automation. Robotic solution had to automate both web and client based applications. Additionally the tool had to read secured PDFs using OCR, and process this information intelligently.

The realisation of this process was reached just 20 minutes after our arrival at the corporate offices; after over 3 weeks of failed effort by UiPath.

Virtual Workforce

The solution was designed to automate an end to end process, migrating data from the legacy system to the new system. The project critically involved the reading of PDFs to obtain important account information; with NO API, or application code development allowed. The project included:

  • Search, Find and Open customer ledger in Gentrack software
  • Open attached PDF & retrieve customer supply number using OCR
  • Match customer supply record in other system & copy relevant data from source system to new system

Why T-Plan Robot

  • GUI level automation means NO API code development
  • Tool easy to use as limited on-site programming expertise

  • Centralised control over the automated processes.

  • Management control of scheduled tasks.

  • Flexible deployment approach across virtual and real environments, in protected network locations


  • Time reduced automating manual work
  • Improved accuracy. Manual process had only 75% success; now 100%

  • Delivered end to end change program across key business functions

  • Staff resource freed up for other processes

  • Implementation by the business to live in only 3 months

Account migration now happens in minutes rather than hours!
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