Automating Retail EPOS Workflows—Increasing Efficiency and Stock Accuracy. 

Retailers are continually seeking ways to streamline their Point of Sale (POS) systems to enhance customer experience, ensure stock accuracy, and boost overall productivity. Automation plays a crucial role in achieving these goals seamlessly and without human error.

One of the main difficulties that retailers face is the diversity of screen interfaces and closed network environments causing connectivity issues across platforms. Unlike other tools on the market T-Plan doesn’t have to be installed on the device or system to work which makes it unique and invaluable to the Retail market.  

Let’s explore how T-Plan automates retail EPOS workflows and overcomes the hurdles that other systems struggle with. 

The Challenges of Automating Retail POS Systems 

Retail POS systems are integral to day-to-day operations, handling everything from sales transactions to inventory management. Automating these systems can be challenging due to several factors: 

  1. Diverse Screen Interfaces: Retail POS systems come with various screen interfaces, each designed to cater to specific business needs. This diversity makes it difficult for generic automation tools to interact seamlessly with different systems. 
  1. Closed Network Environments: Many retail POS systems operate within closed networks for security reasons. These environments restrict external access, making it tough for automation tools to connect and execute tasks. 
  1. Complex Data Handling: Retail POS systems manage vast amounts of data, including stock control and the sale of items on both the web and physical store. Automating data recognition between these and other systems requires a solution capable of accurate data interpretation on multiple platforms. 

How T-Plan Overcomes These Challenges 

T-Plan is designed to tackle the unique challenges of automating retail POS workflows. Here’s how it stands out: 

  1. Robust Screen Recognition: T-Plan employs advanced image-based automation, allowing it to interact with any screen interface, regardless of the underlying system. By using visual recognition, T-Plan can automate tasks on POS systems with diverse screen layouts and functionalities. 
  1. Secure Operation in Closed Networks: T-Plan doesn’t sit on a device or platform which allows connection without API or embedded access to multiple network environments and joining them to the workflow.  
  1. Accurate Data Processing: T-Plan’s ability to verify data inputs and automate this process in any language is crucial for retail automation. By leveraging optical character recognition (OCR) and advanced pattern matching, T-Plan accurately identifies items entered into the system and tracks inventory levels in real-time. Making manual stock loading more accurate for the end user and increases customer satisfaction 

Automating Retail POS Workflows with T-Plan 

Let’s delve into how T-Plan automates specific aspects of retail POS workflows: 

  1. Sales Transactions: T-Plan can automate the entire sales process, from scanning items to processing payments. Its image-based automation ensures that it can handle various screen interfaces and transaction types seamlessly. 
  1. Stock Management: Maintaining accurate stock records is essential. T-Plan automates stock level monitoring by recognising when items are scanned, sold, or restocked. This ensures that inventory data is always up-to-date. 
  1. Reporting and Analytics: T-Plan can automate the generation of sales and inventory reports, providing valuable insights without manual intervention.  

Case study 

Those retailers who have already implemented T-Plan for POS automation have seen significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy. For instance, a large global retail chain who worked with us reported a 30% reduction in checkout times and a 25% improvement in inventory accuracy within the first three months. 

The results showed an increase in sales and consumer satisfaction—with items available and easy to buy when and where they were advertised regardless of virtual or physical POS. 


Retailers are always striving to better their processes and ultimately consumer and brand awareness and where some automation companies fail with access to multiple systems T-Plan excels. 

By accurately processing data with visual based testing and automating essential workflows, T-Plan helps retailers streamline their POS operations, leading to increased efficiency, accuracy, brand and customer satisfaction. 

Whether you’re a small retail store or a large chain, T-Plan will add significant optimisation to your POS workflows, making logistics smoother and more efficient.  

Join your competitors who are already enjoying increased efficiency and cost savings with T-Plan. Read more on our Retail page here.

30 percent savings in check out times with T-Plan

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