How AI-Powered Automated Testing Transforms Workflows 

Everyone is talking about AI at the moment and how we, as testers, can harness it to produce better testing development. We’re lucky here at T-Plan to have an adaptable and flexible tool which beautifully integrates with AI-Powered testing.  

In this blog we talk about AI-powered testing using our T-Plan software and how we utilise it today and in the future. 

Accelerated Script Creation: Meet the “Script Recorder” 

Picture this: you need to create test scripts for your application, but you’re dreading the hours of tedious manual work ahead. Enter T-Plan‘s “Script Recorder”—powered by AI detection principles, the Script Recorder intelligently captures your interactions with the application and automatically generates robust test scripts in record time. 

AI-Powered Image Detection: Seeing is Believing 

In the world of software testing, visual validation is key to ensuring a seamless user experience. But what if I told you that by using T-Plan‘s software you can automate image detection with the power of AI?  With this AI-powered image detection we eliminate the need for manual verification. Read more in our blog here.

Dynamic Object Location Anchors: Say Goodbye to Inaccurate Tests 

Ever experienced the frustration of tests failing due to dynamic UI changes? Our Software’s dynamic object location anchors, powered by AI search engines, adapt to changes in the application’s UI, ensuring reliable test execution across different versions and configurations.  

AI-Enabled Screen Mismatch Alerts: Spot the Difference 

Spotting differences between expected and actual application screens can be hard. Using advanced difference analysis algorithms in AI, T-Plan automatically flags screen discrepancies and highlights them for quick resolution.  

AI-Based “Image Doctor”: Healing Test Failures 

Our AI-based Image Doctor diagnoses test failures caused by image recognition issues and offers effective resolution strategies. Whether it’s adjusting image parameters or refining test scenarios—we’ve got it covered. 

Leveraging AI to Read Content: Beyond the Surface 

Testing isn’t just about UI interactions—it’s also about validating content accuracy across various file formats. T-Plan leverages AI to read content from diverse sources, including documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs, ensuring comprehensive test coverage beyond the surface level.  Read more in our blog here.

Test Agents: AI-Powered Workflow Testing  

We have an army of T-Plan Test Agents that utilise AI to intelligently power our workflow engine that sits behind the scenes. These clever Agents make smart decisions based on resource and need — enhancing the workflow engine and gathering and collating data to feed into our Automation Portal (RAP) with precision and efficiency. 

It’s Time to Embrace the Future of Testing with T-Plan 

Are you ready to revolutionise your testing workflows with the power of AI? With T-Plan by your side the future of testing is here, and it’s brighter than ever before. From accelerated script creation to AI-driven image detection and beyond, T-Plan empowers you to achieve faster, more reliable testing outcomes with ease. 

So what are you waiting for? Discover how AI-powered testing with an award-winning company can transform your testing workflows today and embark on a journey towards testing excellence like never before.

Contact our award-winning team today by clicking here.

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