T-Plan Announces Support for Safari 5

T-Plan Announces Support for Safari 5

05th August 2010

T-Plan leverages Robot Enterprise to dramatically shorten time to market for web developers

June 29, 2010 – London T-Plan Limited (www.t-plan.com) today announced support for Apple’s Safari 5 web browser adding to the already extensive list of web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer, its Robot Enterprise automation tool supports. This support comes as part of T-Plan’s ongoing application test acceleration and compatibility (ATAC) program that it has launched in cooperation with its US distribution partner – nSyte Software – that seeks to dramatically shorten developer’s time to market by offering support for new web browsers and application platforms the same day they are released.

Charlie Wheeler, Sales and Marketing Director for T-Plan said “Confirming support for Safari 5 with our T-Plan Robot product is an important part of our ATAC initiative. The fact that we have confirmed that Robot worked right out of the box gives our customers a valuable tool in shortening time to market. Combined with its ease of use, our customers are regularly telling us that they are saving time, money and producing better quality software that meets their end users’ needs.” He went on to say “With rapidly changing technology come the unique challenges of trying to balance timeliness and quality. Many tools force organizations to compromise on one of these but no longer. Robot gives users the best of both worlds at a cost that should make it highly attractive to any organization.”

Robot Enterprise is leading the way in test automation. Employing the combination of a graphically driven testing methodology – also known as black-box testing – and a powerful scripting language that supports full Java command syntax, it allows anyone to test any application that is designed to be used by an end user. Robot further sets itself apart by enabling testers to integrate Java-based programs into Robot test scripts providing access to object level properties and low-level programmatic structures that were previously reserved for white-box testing tools. This gives rise to a whole new paradigm of testing tools – the grey-box tool.

“Our customers have been extremely impressed with the capabilities of Robot” said Philip Bice, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for nSyte Software. “The ability to test any application destined for the consumer or B2B market in a fraction of the time when compared to using other tools is proving invaluable. Our clients need a way to be able to compete more effectively for each and every dollar, to stay ahead of the competition and realize a quick ROI. Robot provides the answer.”

Discussions with T-Plan reveal that being able to support Safari 5 on the same day that it was released to market is only one of similar initiatives that are planned for other mobile and web platforms. It is rumored that with the pending release of Droid 2 that this may be the next platform to be supported by Robot Enterprise in what is sure to become one of the most comprehensive list of supported platforms ever.

For more information please download the Press Release PDF.

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