T-Plan Robot Enterprise – GUI Automation


T-Plan Robot Enterprise (formerly known as VNCRobot) is the most flexible and universal black box automation tools on the market.

Developed on image based testing principles, it provides a human like approach to record and playback of user actions at the GUI level; and it performs well in situations where other tools may fail.

With a long history in QA Test Automation, controlling repeatable actions at the screen level, our software is an ideal fit for replicating the user actions of a human in the new industry of automated processing, otherwise known as Robotic Process Automation or RPA.

T-Plan Robot Enterprise is very versatile and functions as a GUI Test Automation Tool (pdf), or as a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Tool (pdf).

T-Plan Robot is a highly adaptable, easy to use, image based black box automation tool that creates robust automated scripts, and exercises applications in the same way as would an end user. Robot is platform independent (Java) and runs on, and automates all major systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix plus mobile platforms.

The product has the same functionality, look and feel regardless of OS. There is no need to relearn the product on various platforms, and your scripts are completely transferable between environments.

Robot is unlike any tool you are likely using today. It offers you the ability to approach application automation from the end-user perspective.

Nearly all automation products manipulate and check at the code object level. This source instrumentation is not possible in many new and legacy applications today. E.g. lack of API or SDK, skill set has disappeared, bypass of UI security is forbidden.

A person doesn’t read and see code, when they are using an application they work with. Therefore, without automating your application’s interface by seeing the product, can you really confidently say that you know your application will deliver the desired experience, or automate that business process in RPA terms.

Major Benefits of T-Plan Robot Enterprise

  • Our Robots, as they sit at the GUI level, and operate the system as a user would, are bound by the same security restrictions and work-flows as a human being This means that there is no middle layer hacking or api coding to bypass user controls, ensuring an audited and secure business transaction is completed
  • Platform independence (Java). T-Plan Robot runs on, and automates all major systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Solaris, and mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone, Windows CE, Windows Phone
  • Test ANY system. As automation runs at the GUI level, the tool can automate most applications. E.g. Java, C++/C#, .NET, HTML (web/browser), mobile, command line interfaces; also applications usually considered impossible to automate like Flash, Flex and Mobile
  • Support of Java scripts as well as a proprietary scripting language
  • Record & Replay capability
  • Supports testing on Single Desktop, ADB (Android), and over the RFB protocol (better known as VNC)
  • Non-Jailbroken (non-rooted) Apple iOS devices can be automated using our iOS libraries
  • Open architecture with extension interface allows easy customization and integration. E.g. Optical Character Recognition (OCR), or integration with a relational DB via JDBC
  • Powerful multiple image search allows changing of window layout, button position etc
  • Object search & background detection to detect objects by colour, by colour range, and on different backgrounds. E.g. Radar object detection and GIS map testing
  • Tight integration with T-Plan Professional. Please view the integration reference for more information
  • Excellent support services

T-Plan Professional – Test Case Management


T-Plan Professional was arguably the first test management tool to be sold b2b. Since T-Plan’s inception for a project at the Bank of England to dematerialise share certificates in 1989, T-Plan has continually developed the T-Plan Test Case Management Suite. The product is modular in design, clearly differentiating between the analysis, design and management of the test assets from planning to execution.

The T-Plan Test Case Management Suite is optionally sold as a “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) solution. Available as a centrally managed hosted solution, with your MSSQL data in the cloud, or application and data on-premise, we are delighted to offer our functionally rich client server application via this incredible solution. more…

Analyze: ‘What to Test’
The first step within the Analyze phase is to gather and review the requirements from which the testing will be derived. One of the unique selling points of our tool is the best of breed Microsoft Office Integration, which facilitates the importing or exporting of data to and from e.g. Word Documents and Excel Spreadsheets (also XML etc.).
This module also provides statistical reporting metrics for; testing progress, depth of coverage, risk factors and priorities.

Design: ‘How to Test’
A test specification hierarchy is created to model the test plan. This module supports full traceability, filtering, script re-usability, coverage and impact analysis, together with extensive reporting.

Manage: ‘When to Test’
This phase enables the scheduling of test scripts. Normally the test schedule will reflect the appropriate structure necessary for management reporting.
This includes both the Schedule phase and the Test Execution phase. This forms the activity of planning and managing the detailed tasks to be performed once software is available to be tested.

How well are you doing?
‘What happened’ – The execution phase enables the results of executed test scripts (manual and automated) to be recorded. Coverage and success/failure charts can be in the form of a snapshot and/or provide historical graphs highlighting progress. All reports can be exported electronically to file, email or printed directly. Reporting can be tailored your project requirement.

Major Benefits of T-Plan Professional

  • Delivers a high level of communication between project members, and a consistent methodology for all testing processes
  • The familiarity of a windows explorer based product, with best of breed import and export data from Microsoft Word or Excel
  • Consistent framework for testing. Having a central repository results in all test teams being completely comfortable with testing irrespective of what project they are working on, making management information far more accurate
  • Enabling both technical and non-technical staff to Analyse Requirements, Design Scripts, Manage Schedules and Execute tests
  • Designed and built upon the V-Model. Also supports Agile Testing Methodologies
  • Assign risk level to requirements and tests to drive coverage and quality
  • SaaS Cloud or On-Premise options available for application & database.
  • External document referencing to provide traceability and full impact of change analysis
  • Requirements storage using a structured hierarchy for requirements creation allowing you to drive quality
  • Flexible and fully customisable. Create new attributes, new icons, relationships and entities to improve your productivity
  • Expandable – enhance your usage by integrating your requirements, test automation, performance scripts, project plans into a single test management offering
  • Re-use of tests. All tests can be re-used any number of times, the results can then be reported collectively or individually
  • Coverage and success reporting – reports on coverage and success can be produced in a number of graphical illustrations to give true management information
  • Fully integrated with the T-Plan Incident Manager System for bug recording, or integrate with JIRA or MS Visual Studio

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