Test Management Process

With over 20 years of experience in business automation, T-Plan is chosen by global businesses from Blue Chip to SME, charities to Government bodies to provide business process automation and GUI test automation tools for business-critical processes.

A Product Suite to Support the Process

With the dependence of business on information systems and increasing complexity of technology, testing of software is of vital importance to many organisations. T-Plan represents a process that enables testing to be fully integrated into the software and implementations process. This allows systems to be deployed more quickly thereby accelerating the “time to market” for business solutions. The T-Plan product suite gives management control over the quality of the software taking into account business risks and priorities. Errors can be detected early thus avoiding costly waste and delay.

T-Plan should be seen as a product that supports test process."

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Process Overview Chart

Auditable Standard

The whole testing process becomes auditable enabling market regulatory requirements to be tracked, proven and delivered. The T-Plan product suite can be applied strategically and is complementary to most development and support tools. It is independent of application platform, scaleable to suit all sizes and types of projects and configurable to existing processes. With T-Plan everyone in an organisation can test the same way, to the same standard. T-Plan is “A Corporate Standard for Testing”.

T-Plan Professional is one of the most comprehensive test management tools available."

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Product Suite Flow Chart

Manage Testing Lifecycle

The T-Plan product suite has been developed to manage project testing from the highest level down, providing a method that is ultimately scaleable and flexible. Software testing is an engineering process and as such requires structured and efficient methods of control and management. In order to effectively manage a project it is important to integrate the testing process with the development process. This is the only way of monitoring and assessing the risk of what has not been tested or what has failed.

T-Plan is one of a few testing tools that start at the beginning of the development lifecycle."

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Many other tools and processes have been developed with the end execution as their focus and lack T-Plan’s high level “Process Driven Approach”.

SaaS – Software-as-a-Service

Available as a centrally managed hosted solution in the cloud, or as a traditional on-premise installation, we are delighted to offer our functionally rich client server application via this solution.

Uniquely we are also able to offer the option of allowing you to maintain your data in a) the cloud, or b) on-premise; whilst at the same time having the application itself centrally deployed via the cloud.

E.g. Consider you the customer wants central deployment of your SaaS delivered Test Management application, but for security reasons you cannot have your data outside your network. This unbeatable solution is for you as we offer this flexibility of data storage (on-premise or cloud) at a flick of a switch.

  • Database On-Premise or Cloud Hosted.
  • Easy Deployment as Application Served from the Cloud.
  • Flexible Concurrent Licensing.
  • 24/7 Secure Cloud.
  • No Hardware or IT Infrastructure Support Costs.
  • No Software Installation or Maintenance.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Easy Support Resolution.
  • Automatic Updates and Backups.
  • Multi Site Disaster Recovery.
Cloud Diagram

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