RPA for the Healthcare Sector

Ultimately, Robotic Process Automation in the healthcare sector has a central theme, and one close to our hearts:

Improved patient care. Better, more efficient attention to our loved ones through the latest technology. And, one that’s affordable, and of the very highest quality.

With T-Plan, qualified, caring human beings will be able to do what they want to do: offer a better service to other human beings in a challenging sector. How? Through automating the time-consuming yet essential, error-prone tasks that crowd into your workforce’s busy day and drag down productivity.

Achieve More, Deliver More in the Healthcare Sector through RPA

Whether for the public or private sector, T-Plan’s expertise can streamline your processes, resulting in outstanding improvements at many, if not all stages of the patient journey; more patients’ records entered, processed, and acted upon; faster patient responses and turnaround times, sensitive data dealt with and stored more efficiently and securely.

T-Plan offers an end-to-end solution to both the public and private health sectors, with easy to implement and use automated tools through the graphical user interface. This is cost-effective, contemporary technology for the 21st century and beyond.

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Consider T-Plan’s Expertise to Help You With…

Moving data from the point of input on the front end, to interaction, through to the databases where it’s stored. This happens automatically, from start to finish within a framework that best suits your operation.

Clinical data extraction. Find patient data in your database quickly and easily, extract it and get it to the employees that need to use it. RPA software could search on filenames, creation dates or even ID numbers.

Staff records. Automate input and storage of literally hundreds of incoming records, data. Payroll, staff rosters, timecards are processed quickly, efficiently and without human interaction.

RPA from T-Plan is systems agnostic. Regardless of your IT environment, your systems will be able to “talk” to each other. There’s no API interaction and everything will be security sensitive.

T-Plan has implemented Robotic Process Automation in the healthcare sector with highly effective results, and you may like to read our NHS case study here. It’s a sector we know well, and we’d be pleased to talk to you about how we can help.

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