Non-Jailbroken or Jailbroken (rooted) devices supported!

T-Plan supports non-jailbroken device testing as well as rooted (jailbroken).
Whilst most people prefer not to jailbreak their device, a rooted device can be very handy to have in the testing environment.

Jailbreaking is definitely here to stay, and here are some benefits of supplementing your device portfolio with a jailbroken device:

  • Veency, the iOS VNC Server, by Jay Freeman (saurik), the Daddy of Cydia etc. is very much a supported project, and works very well.
  • Full device control via Veency
  • Native iOS applications can be tested. E.g. Safari etc.
  • Interaction between applications on the phone can be tested. E.g. notifications sent and received between apps.
  • Testing of the iOS Springboard. E.g. home buttons, volume etc.
  • Testing of the App Store etc.
  • Non-intrusive. No source instrumentation of your app, nor code hooks required etc.

Robot Enterprise fully supports the testing of these rooted / jailbroken devices, and a video of our tool testing Disney’s “Where’s My Water” game can be viewed on our YouTube Channel


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