Robotic Process Automation – RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of our software to replicate the repetitive user actions of a human being on a computer system, thus saving time, resource and cost.

T-Plan’s RPA Robot is the most flexible and universal black box automation tool, on the market. Our virtual workforce solution is used by organisations of any size, to automate business processes of any complexity. View Case Studies.

Providing a human-like approach to automating of the user interface, and uniquely built on JAVA, our solution performs well in situations where other tools may fail. As a result of its open and carefully designed architecture, it is simple to adopt, integrate and customize.

Our Robots, as they sit at the GUI level, and operate the system as a user would, are bound by the same security restrictions and workflows as a human being. This means that there is no middle layer hacking or api coding to bypass user controls, ensuring an audited and secure business transaction is completed.

Command your Robots – Your Virtual Workforce!

GUI Test Automation

The challenges testing e.g. “closed source” software, led T-Plan to develop the non-intrusive solution to automation. In industries such as mobile applications, gaming, defence, banking, finance, telcos and the health industry (to name but a few), it is often impossible to automate at the code or object level, which leaves of course the graphical user interface (GUI) as the only viable option.

In these industries speed of delivery is of the utmost importance. When squeezed for time, the end user experience of the software is normally the first to suffer. UI testing automation in these circumstances can save time, effort and resource, by repeating over and over the tests to verify that the application is fit for purpose.

By creating a series of scripts or actions, T-Plan Robot can exercise or drive applications the same way as an end user. Most automation tools focus testing at the object or code level of the application or system under test. This however presumes access to developers at an early stage, and constant communication channels throughout the development process.

Our solution focuses testing at the door of the business sponsor. T-Plan Robot is an “image based” test automation tool, and approaches quality assurance from the end-user perspective, providing critical validation that what you want the customer to see, they will actually get. We do this by recording and playing back user actions on the screen, and matching found images or data presented by the application to stored image collections or spreadsheets and databases.

GUI automation makes use of your business sponsor and development teams throughout the whole project lifecycle. Working intuitively at the screen level business analysts can help testers drive testable paths through the application, whilst at the same time combining with the development team to define repeatable actions to test code areas as part of any continuous or agile development.

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Command your Robots – Your virtual workforce!