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T-Plan Robot Enterprise Versions

The latest versions of T-Plan Robot Enterprise are compared in the detailed table below. View the T-Plan Robot Enterprise Documentation Guide for more information.

Registered customers may download the release binaries through the Update & Upgrade tool in the Robot’s GUI or through our T-Plan Robot Enterprise Releases Support Forum. To subscribe to release announcements select the Subscribe forum check box at the bottom of the forum page.

For download of additional features see our Plugins page.

Highlights T-Plan Robot Enterprise
License T-Plan License[1]
Price On request[2]
Downloads On request[3]
Unlimited online support via forums, email & phone yes
Custom builds with bug fixes and minor features yes
Customization and development of features on request yes
Free upgrades yes
v4.2 Changes v4.3 Changes v4.4 Changes v5.0 Changes v6.0 Changes
Graphical Script Editor (since 6.0 read more) no no no no yes
Drag and Drop Command Panel (since 6.0 read more) no no no no yes
Script Tree View (since 6.0 read more) no no no no yes
Inline Command Property Panel (since 6.0 read more) no no no no yes
Configurable Editor Layout (since 6.0 read more) no no no no yes
Support for Google Vision API (since 5.0 read more) no no no yes