German Telco - Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Telecommunications Case Study


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The Challenge

Creation of accounts in multi-systems by call centre agents.


Robotic automation of the creation, update & disabling of accounts.

Account Automation for the Telco Industry

Call Centre Automation for the Telecommunications Market.

Automate ANYthing, Anywhere… Your personal army of Robots!

Delivering Automated Call Centre Processes

Each time external call centre agents are hired to handle sudden peaks in workload, a complete set of accounts in all the systems has to be created.

Project Scope

As an external workforce is hired with very little advance warning, it is crucial to set up their accounts quickly, so they can start working right away. Since these resources are only working for short periods of time, these accounts have to also be disabled quite frequently.

This process led to hundreds of account transactions per week needing to be actioned manually.

Virtual Workforce

In order to be able to create, update and disable huge numbers of accounts in multiple applications, the client set up a robot automated process to handle all of these changes.

The robot picks up the work item in a centralised account management system, and executes all necessary actions over multiple systems, in a timely and quality controlled way. This allowed the resource reassignment of these error prone and stressful tasks, so that they can work on more gratifying and intellectually challenging activities.

  • Instead of taking up to 15 minutes of human work time per account, this work is now handled by e:Agent within 30 seconds.

Why T-Plan Robot

  • GUI level automation meant no API interaction.
  • Tool easy to use as limited on-site programming expertise.
  • Centralised control over the automated processes.

  • Management control of scheduled tasks.


  • Time reduced automating manual tasks.
  • Staff resource freed up for other processes.
Account maintenance only takes minutes now!
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