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Emailing from WebIMS

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Emailing from WebIMS

Postby SteveWatson » Thu Jan 22, 2009 11:22 am


We are rolling out the client IMS to testers only, and all other users (dev, project management, users etc) will use WebIMS.
In the full client IMS you can email an incident to anyone in the recipient list and select the amount of history to be sent. In WebIMS it only seems to allow you to re-send an email to the 'assigned to' person or group. Is there a way to email to one or more people from WebIMS as per the full client version, or does this have to go on the wish list? I am hoping there is a way as I dont want to have to do full client installs for those who will be managing the defects!

To add to that - when a report is created in WebIMS, is it possible to email it straight out without exporting in a file format and saving it somewhere first?


Steve W

Re: Emailing from WebIMS

Postby DaveB » Tue Jan 27, 2009 4:45 pm


The WebIMS email functionality is a sub-set of that available in the Client version of IMS. This allows sending of emails to the 'Assigned To' user only. It is not possible to add/remove recipients during email generation.

WebIMS reports are rendered by the Crystal Report Web Viewer. This is an Active X control, therefore the functionality is limited to that of the viewer itself. The only options available are Print/Export.

Dave B.

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