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Option to Email is Missing from T-Plan Incident Manager

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Option to Email is Missing from T-Plan Incident Manager

Postby SClaydon » Tue Apr 03, 2007 12:06 pm

Option to Email is Missing from T-Plan Incident Manager

Email functionality within T-Plan Incident Manager can be enabled through one of two extensions. This topic details how to enable email functionality using the CDO Email Library Extension.

If having installed the "CDO Email Library" Extension in the Extensions Manager Window of T-Plan Incident Manager you do NOT then:

~See a Tools option on the Main Menu Bar
~Or receive the option to email an Incident or History Log

It is likely that your PC is missing the Collaboration Data Objects component of Microsoft Office. This component is not installed as Default during installation of Microsoft Office but can be installed retrospectively from the Microsoft Office Installation CD.

Once the Collaboration Data Objects component is installed on your machine, the option to email from T-Plan Incident Manager should be available to you.

Email Functionality Missing in Office 2007.

Postby RGibson » Wed May 02, 2007 11:51 am


FYI Office 2007 does not include CDO, never mind not installing it by default - you will need to download it separately from here: ... laylang=en

or look at packaging it in future T-plan installs...

Downloaded it (CDO v1.2.1) and Tools / email options now appear!
thanks for the help!
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