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T-Plan Robot Enterprise 2.2.1 Key Browser

Key browser is a simple window which displays a table with all keys supported by the Press command. Functionality of the window is similar to the controls provided by the Keys tab of the Tool Panel. To open the Key Browser window select Tools->Key Browser in the menu. Alternatively right click onto a Press command line in a script editor and select Display Supported Keys in the editor popup menu.
Key Browser Window
Majority of key names corresponds to what is written on your keyboard, e.g. 'A', 'Insert', 'Tab' etc. The list of supported keys is in fact defined by the KeyEvent Java class. In general the window contains every <key_name> key for which the Java KeyEvent class defines a VK_<key_name> constant. Be however aware that the set of supported keys is further on subject to limitations applied by the underlying desktop client and not all keys displayed in the browser can be successfuly sent to the desktop.

The text field below the table can be used to generate a key. When the field has the focus and you press a key, it displays its textual representation in the Press command format. The key may be then copied and used in a test script. Note that the field can't display all key combinations because some of them are filtered out either by the OS or the Java environment itself.

To copy the key name selected in the table or displayed by the text field into the clipboard select the Copy & Close button. You can then use Ctrl+V or select Paste to paste it into the script editor or any other application.