Tool Panel

Tool Panel is situated in the top left corner of the VNCRobot window. It consists of three tabs:

Settings Tab

This tab allows to define:

Tool Panel - Settings Tab

An example displayed above will insert the following code into the active editor:

Var _REPORT_DIR="/root/report"
Var _TEMPLATE_DIR="/root/templates"
Report "index.html" desc="This is a dummy test report."

Events Tab

Events tab displays the most recent list of events received from the RFB (VNC) server. The event list gets reset by user actions, e.g. mouse click, press of Enter etc. There are two types of events:
As an example we executed a command "ls -l /usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2_04; echo -e '\007'" in a terminal window on Linux. The first event in the list represents update of the console window caused by the directory listing. When you select this event in the table, the updated area will display as a red frame in the remote desktop as is visible on the picture. The second event is the bell character printed by the echo command.

Tool Panel - Events Tab

There's a small tool bar below the event table. It contains 3 buttons:

Keys Tab

Keys tab is aimed to help you to send such keys to the remote desktop which are reserved by your system. A typical example is Ctrl+Alt+Del, which is interpreted both by Windows and Linux systems as a system command. If you want to send this key to the remote desktop without conflict with your system, you may use the tools provided by this panel. There are two options:
If recording is selected and you generate a key using this tool, a Press command will be inserted into the active editor. If the recording feature is off, you will be asked whether you want to insert the command or not.

Tool Panel - Keys Tab