Status Bar

Status bar is located at the bottom of the VNCRobot window. It consists of three independent fields and provides the following functionality:

Update Coordinates Field

If you start an application on the VNC server and a new window opens there, your server sends an update message to VNCRobot (or to any VNC viewer in general). Such a mesage usually contains coordinates and size of the update and a new picture for that area. The Update Coordinates field display coordinates and size of the last significant remote desktop image update.

Note that generally there are many update messages received from a VNC server. If your desktop displays a clock, there's at least one update per second as the seconds change. Also there's a cursor which is usually blinking and generating many tiny image updates. As you are usually interested in much larger updates like new windows etc., you can configure the Update Coordinates field to display just updates greater than a certain size. The default minimum update size is set to 10%. To configure the limit go to Preferences and select the Appearance -> Status Bar tree node. Alternatively right click onto the status bar and select Configure in the popup menu as is shown on the following picture.

Update Coordinates field

You can use the coordinates to define expected update area with the Waitfor command. If you select Copy Coordinates in the popup menu, the coordinates in the format required by Waitfor will be copied into the clipboard. You can then use Ctrl+V or select Paste to paste them into your script editor.

Mouse Coordinates Field

Mouse Coordinates is the rightmost field on the status bar.