Screenshot Command Window

This window allows you to create a Screenshot command easily via GUI and insert it into the active editor. If the window is opened while the caret is on an already existing Screenshot command in the active editor, it allows to edit the command. See the Screenshot command specification for more information on fields and values defined in the window. To open the window either select Script -> Screenshot Command or click on the corresponding toolbar button in the VNCRobot menu. To edit an existing command perform a right mouse click on the command in the editor and select "Properties" in the context popup menu.

Screenshot Window

Note that you won't be able to close the window with OK button unless you provide at least a screenshot file name. Image format is determined by the file extension selected in the dropdown. Available image formats depend on your Java version. Java v1.4 supports just JPEG/JPG and PNG. Java v1.5 supports also BMP.

If you click the Define button, a simple window with the current remote desktop image opens where you can comfortably define the screenshot area using mouse drags.

Apart from the Screenshot command native parameters the window contains a plugin allowing to define a template and customize the image comparison parameters. For more information on this topic see the Compareto Command Window page. See also the Image Comparison With VNCRobot 1.3  document for more information about image comparison with VNCRobot.