Preferences window provides access to VNCRobot configuration.

To open the Preferences window select Edit -> Preferences in the VNCRobot menu. Some VNCRobot components also provide a quick access to their configuration in context menus, for example customized command editor popup menus or status bar popup menu.

Preferences are currently divided into three different categories:
Configuration of each component is usually discussed in its help page.

Configuration Files

Template file of user preferences is packed in the com/vncrobot folder of the vncrobot.jar file. It defines all supported options and their default values.

VNCRobot stores all customized options to a file called in the user home directory. All changes done in the Preferences window will be saved to this file. You may also edit the file manually but be sure to follow the syntax and provide meaningful values. Not all of them are properly validated and an incorrect value may even crash the application.