Key Browser

Key browser is a simple window which displays a table with all keys supported by the Press command.

To open the Key Browser window select Tools -> Key Browser in the VNCRobot menu. Alternatively right click onto a Press command line in a script editor and select Display Supported Keys in the editor popup menu. A screenshot of the window follows.

Key Browser Window

Majority of key names corresponds to what is written on your keyboard, e.g. 'A', 'Insert', 'Tab' etc. Complete list of supported keys is defined by the KeyEvent Java class. In general the window contains every <key_name> key for which the Java KeyEvent class defines a VK_<key_name> constant.

The text field below the table can be used to generate a key. When you press a key it displays its textual representation in the Press command format. Please note that the field currently doesn't support all key combinations.

If you select a line in the table and click the Copy button, the associated key name gets copied into the clipboard. You can then use Ctrl+V or select Paste to paste the key name into your Press comand in a script editor.