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Tesseract OCR

T-Plan Robot Enterprise v2.2 introduces support of Tesseract OCR v2 which is considered to be the most accurate open source engine for optical character recognition. T-Plan Robot Enterprise takes advantage of the engine to allow recognition of text displayed on the connected remote desktop. The engine is exposed in the scripting language as a standard image comparison method called "tocr" and can be employed through the standard CompareTo, Screenshot and WaitFor commands.

The engine is not part of the T-Plan Robot Enterprise product and must be downloaded and installed separately. T-Plan Robot Enterprise then only needs to know its location which can be configured in the Tesseract OCR panel of the Preferences window. See the method documentation for installation and configuration instructions.

Be aware that Tesseract's recognition capabilities are limited to most common fonts and languages and T-Plan doesn't guarantee any accuracy and/or compatibility with a particular test environment. As the engine lacks support of layout analysis, it is accurate just on images with minimum non-textual elements and it is highly recommended to restrict the recognition to a smaller area where the text may appear. For example, to get text of a button it is recommended to find its corners using the image search method and then limit the OCR to the button rectangle. When the engine is employed to recognize text on a larger area with multiple GUI controls or even against the whole desktop, it gets distracted by the GUI and produces inaccurate results.

The following example shows how to employ the OCR engine to recognize the date and time on the Windows task bar and take advantage of a regular expression to test whether the current month is August.

Tesseract OCR demo
Tesseract OCR demo
on Windows 7