T-Plan Robot Enterprise 3.5.2
Build No. 3.5.2-20140701.1

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T-Plan Robot Enterprise Architecture

The following picture shows general architecture of T-Plan Robot Enterprise. Select an object of your interest to get to the Java class or package where it is implemented.

A complete list of available Java packages follows.


com.tplan.robot Top level classes which provide entry points to the application and the automated testing framework.
com.tplan.robot.connectors Connectors to the T-Plan products and base classes of Enterprise features.
com.tplan.robot.gui Top level GUI components.
com.tplan.robot.gui.capture Classes of the Component Capture feature.
com.tplan.robot.gui.codetemplate Classes of the Code Template wizard.
com.tplan.robot.gui.components Shared GUI components, minor dialogs and support classes.
com.tplan.robot.gui.connector Support of integration with T-Plan Professional such as the T-Plan Export and Import wizards.
com.tplan.robot.gui.connector.images The T-Plan Professional icon set.
com.tplan.robot.gui.dialogs Major application windows and dialogs.
com.tplan.robot.gui.editor The test script editor and its components.
com.tplan.robot.gui.fileviewer Viewers of file based resources such as MS Excel.
com.tplan.robot.gui.plugin The Plugin Manager window providing GUI access to the Plugin framework.
com.tplan.robot.gui.preferences Front end GUI for the Preferences framework.
com.tplan.robot.gui.preferences.color A GUI component allowing to display and edit color preferences.
com.tplan.robot.gui.preferences.list A drag & drop list for enumerated preference types.
com.tplan.robot.gui.preferences.styles Front end editor of the script editor appearance and code style.
com.tplan.robot.gui.project The Project View component.
com.tplan.robot.gui.toolspanel The "Tool Panel", a tabbed pane with various views including the Project View, Execution Log etc.
com.tplan.robot.gui.update Front end GUI of the Update & Upgrade feature.
com.tplan.robot.gui.visualize Support of execution visualization (desktop animations).
com.tplan.robot.imagecomparison The Image Comparison base API.
com.tplan.robot.imagecomparison.histogram The histogram based image comparison module (code "default").
com.tplan.robot.imagecomparison.object The Object Search image comparison method (code "object").
com.tplan.robot.imagecomparison.search The Image Search comparison methods (codes "search" and "search2").
com.tplan.robot.imagecomparison.tesseractocr The Tesseract Optical Character Recognition (OCR) text recognition method (code "tocr").
com.tplan.robot.imagecomparison.text The Image Based Text Recognition comparison method (code "text").
com.tplan.robot.images The main image & icon repository.
com.tplan.robot.l10n The Localization (l10n) framework allowing to translate the software messages into another language.
com.tplan.robot.plugin The Plugin framework.
com.tplan.robot.preferences The User Preferences framework.
com.tplan.robot.remoteclient The top level Desktop Client API.
com.tplan.robot.remoteclient.adb Client able to automate Android devices over the Android Debug Bridge (ADB).
com.tplan.robot.remoteclient.capabilities A set of interfaces used to declare desktop client capabilities.
com.tplan.robot.remoteclient.image The Static Image Client allowing to load and test an image from a file.
com.tplan.robot.remoteclient.rfb The Remote Framebuffer Protocol (RFB) v3.x client providing connectivity to VNC servers.
com.tplan.robot.remoteclient.rfb.encoding RFB image encodings supported by the client.
com.tplan.robot.scripting The test script framework and API.
com.tplan.robot.scripting.commands The Command Handler API.
com.tplan.robot.scripting.commands.impl Command handlers implementing individual commands supported both by the TPR language as well as by the Java Test Script API.
com.tplan.robot.scripting.converter The Java Converter framework allowing to convert TPR test scripts into Java source code.
com.tplan.robot.scripting.interpret Framework of script interprets allowing to compile and execute test scripts in different languages, such as the T-Plan Robot Enterprise TPR scripting language or Java.
com.tplan.robot.scripting.interpret.java The Java Interpret compiles and executes Java test scripts.
com.tplan.robot.scripting.interpret.java.japa A layer between Robot and the Java Parser library.
com.tplan.robot.scripting.interpret.proprietary The TPR Interpret compiles and executes test scripts in the TPR scripting language.
com.tplan.robot.scripting.project The Project core classes.
com.tplan.robot.scripting.report The Report Provider API and implementation of the default HTML (code "default" and XML/HTML (code "enterprise") test report providers.
com.tplan.robot.scripting.wrappers Cross-format wrappers to allow embedding of another test script formats (such as Java) in TPR scripts.
com.tplan.robot.update Core classes of the Update & Upgrade feature.
com.tplan.robot.util Utility and auxiliary classes.


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T-Plan Robot Enterprise 3.5.2
Build No. 3.5.2-20140701.1