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T-Plan Announces Support for Safari 5
05th August 2010

T-Plan leverages Robot Enterprise to dramatically shorten time to market for web developers

June 29, 2010 – London  T-Plan Limited ( today announced support for Apple’s Safari 5 web browser adding to the already extensive list of web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer, its Robot Enterprise automation tool supports. This support comes as part of T-Plan’s ongoing application test acceleration and compatibility (ATAC) program that it has launched in cooperation with its US distribution partner – nSyte Software - that seeks to dramatically shorten developer’s time to market by offering support for new web browsers and application platforms the same day they are released.

Charlie Wheeler, Sales and Marketing Director for T-Plan said “Confirming support for Safari 5 with our T-Plan Robot product is an important part of our ATAC initiative. The fact that we have confirmed that Robot worked right out of the box gives our customers a valuable tool in shortening time to market. Combined with its ease of use, our customers are regularly telling us that they are saving time, money and producing better quality software that meets their end users’ needs.” He went on to say “With rapidly changing technology come the unique challenges of trying to balance timeliness and quality. Many tools force organizations to compromise on one of these but no longer. Robot gives users the best of both worlds at a cost that should make it highly attractive to any organization.”

Robot Enterprise is leading the way in test automation. Employing the combination of a graphically driven testing methodology – also known as black-box testing – and a powerful scripting language that supports full Java command syntax, it allows anyone to test any application that is designed to be used by an end user. Robot further sets itself apart by enabling testers to integrate Java-based programs into Robot test scripts providing access to object level properties and low-level programmatic structures that were previously reserved for white-box testing tools. This gives rise to a whole new paradigm of testing tools – the grey-box tool.

“Our customers have been extremely impressed with the capabilities of Robot” said Philip Bice, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for nSyte Software. “The ability to test any application destined for the consumer or B2B market in a fraction of the time when compared to using other tools is proving invaluable. Our clients need a way to be able to compete more effectively for each and every dollar, to stay ahead of the competition and realize a quick ROI.  Robot provides the answer.”

Discussions with T-Plan reveal that being able to support Safari 5 on the same day that it was released to market is only one of similar initiatives that are planned for other mobile and web platforms. It is rumored that with the pending release of Droid 2 that this may be the next platform to be supported by Robot Enterprise in what is sure to become one of the most comprehensive list of supported platforms ever.

For more information please download the Press Release PDF.

T-Plan appoints TestPro as exclusive Israel & Singapore distributor

T-Plan are delighted to announce that Testpro have been appointed as the exclusive distributor for the T-Plan Test Suite in Israel.

TestPro is a leading international software and hardware testing services company. It has more than 350 engineers in branches all over the world. TestPro is designed to help clients improve their competitiveness and efficiency, providing services to the commercial, industrial, institutional, and government sectors.

Ofer Sasson, CTO of TestPro, highlights that "TestPro is a world leading software testing company ,with branches in USA, UK, Canada and Israel." Also that "we are leaders in the testing field and we provide the best solutions to our clients..."

Charlie Wheeler, Director of T-Plan, said "We at T-Plan normally keep to a very simple strategy: Enter into partnerships with customers or resellers with as little fuss as possible - our ethos being to sell great software and more importantly support our customers. If a partnership has too many constraints then no one will benefit.
With the above sentiment in mind TestPro were an ideal fit into the family of T-Plan Partners, and we welcome them into our software community.

For more information please visit the TestPro page.

T-Plan appoints nSyte Software as exclusive US distributor - 04th January 2010

T-Plan Ltd, today, announced that it has appointed nSyte Software as the exclusive distributor for its line of test management and automation products in the United States. T-Plan, who counts the Bank of England, NSYE, Nomura and Xerox amongst its customers, is seeking to expand its presence outside of Europe and identified nSyte Software as the right firm to work with given their expertise in software testing tools, related products and corporate relationships.

"nSyte Software has a wealth of experience in working with tools covering every facet of the software development lifecycle. The fact that they knew how T-Plan could simplify test management practices and help bring order to complex environments told us we were on to a winner" said Charlie Wheeler, T-Plan Sales and Marketing Manager. "Combined with the fact that they had existing relationships with large institutions we wanted to add to our customer portfolio made the decision easy."

"T-Plan has always produced an extremely solid product. It does exactly what people need it to do. No more and no less which makes it 100% fit for purpose for the challenging environments customers work in today" said Philip Bice, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for nSyte Software.

nSyte Software is begining distribution of T-Plan's product set with immediate effect through direct and indirect sales channels. Interested parties can learn more about T-Plan's products that are being offered by nSyte by clicking here. Parties interested in reselling T-Plan products should contact nSyte to discuss possible partnership opportunities.

For more information please visit the nSyte Software Inc. page.

T-Plan Integrator Version 5 officially released - 07th January 2010

T-Plan are delighted to announce Teamcenter PLM as the newest connection within the Integrator capability. Enabling your organization the ability to manage ever changing requirements across tools and companies, whilst retaining the traceability and audit control that is needed.

Including PLM into the Integrator gives you an increasing flexibility towards your tooling decisions, helping your projects progress from start to finish.

Using the Integrator v5 now allows you to:

  • Synchronize between DOORS, TeamcenterSE, Teamcenter PLM, T-Plan Verify and the RIF standard
  • Assist your migration projects from TcSE through to Teamcenter PLM and allow a staged approach to trialling new tools and versions
  • Integrate requirements and PLM between different geographies, companies and tools

This release is now available for you to trial and evaluate, and to see how easy and powerful an integrated requirements process really is. As well as the new inclusion of Teamcenter PLM the Integrator v5 continues to offer:

  • Scalability and Performance
    Synchronizing thousands of requirements in minutes
  • Full Bi-Directional Synchronization
    Manage change in any direction between a variety of different tools and standards
  • Extendable architecture
    Easy inclusion with additional products and standards

To view the details of the launch in pdf form, please download the T-Plan Integrator V5 Launch.

For more information please visit the T-Plan Integrator page.

T-Plan Test Management Suite Version 7 is officially released - 22nd December 2009

Following the successful launch of T-Plan Release 6.3 in early 2009, T-Plan Release 7.0 is now available.

Please see below a quick summary on what you can expect from Release 7:

T-Plan Robot Integration
A highly collaborative solution is now available from T-Plan with the addition of T-Plan Robot. This tight integration allows the user to centrally manage both manual and automated tests in the same fashion. Users now have the ability to automatically kick off T-Plan Robot scripts for execution, automatically view those results and report on them, all with a few simple mouse clicks.
For more information on this integration please read the T-Plan Robot Integration Reference.
SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)
T-Plan now supports SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). This technology delivers a server based reporting mechanism that supports a wide variety of reporting needs.
The “Reporter” delivers a powerful set of server based reports, utilising the reporting services technologies of MS SQL. Using the subscriptions features of reporting services, reports can be delivered by email to the desktop, or to a company web dashboard; thus providing management information to your desktop.
Full traceability reporting, together with statistics for both traditional and agile testing methods are supported. E.g. Burn down reports and coverage statistics delivered in a web based format.
Reports can be run across modules and can combine information from tests and defects. T-Plan also now allows historical data to be stored and reported on automatically; so historical and trend analysis can be achieved.
As usual T-Plan will be working in partnership with clients that are using the “Reporter” to build the set of management information (MI) that is required.
Tool Integrations
Building on the success of our “Integrator” product (xml exchange), T-Plan has been working on using the same technology to offer the ability to share data between the T-Plan product suite, and other automation and testing products.
For example we have already built in partnership, with one of our UK customers, an integration between QTP and also JIRA. We have also with another customer built an automation test framework using MS Excel to drive QTP, with the tests and results managed by the T-Plan Product Suite.
Database Scalability & Performance
Copy & move of information between modules is now achieved at the database level. This means increased performance, stability & scalability for large projects.
Extended Hierarchy Attribute Field Sizes / Lengths
T-Plan Professional now allows a user to enter up to 2000 characters into the Name and Description fields for T-Plan hierarchy entities.
IMS has also had the Details field restriction lifted, and now accepts unlimited data.
SOA Web Service Integration for Toolkit / Extensions Layer
The T-Plan SOA web service now makes it possible to communicate with the T-Plan application / database using the web service. This technology allows T-Plan Robot and T-Plan Professional to communicate over remote locations via the Internet.
The same technology is also used for developing our new integrations / extensions, where remote communication is a requirement.
Retest Functionality in Conjunction with SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)
T-Plan Professional allows user to differentiate Scripts that are for Retest, from those that are being executed legitimately numerous times, i.e. on different platforms.
With GUI icons and reporting capabilities, users can now use this functionality to better understand their test executions.
HTML Email Capability with Outlook Email Extension
T-Plan Incident Manager now supports html emails. By utilizing a stylesheet which overlays a HTML template you can structure your email notifications as you please; specifying the inclusion / exclusion of any present attributes.

This information was also presented in the December release of the T-Plan Newsletter. View it online.

For more information please visit the T-Plan Product Suite page.


T-Plan acquires VNC Robot
05th August 2009

August 05, 2009 – London  T-Plan Ltd (T-Plan), the UK based Integration and Test Management company, is pleased to announce that it has acquired VNCRobot, a test automation solution.

Founded in 2005, the VNCRobot project provides advanced software for automated software testing based on remote desktop technologies.

This solution is highly complementary to the T-Plan Quality Solutions suite as it addresses the next logical step in the Testing Process. VNCRobot technology automates the actions of the end user, enabling highly manual elements of the testing process to be automated, dramatically reducing the regression testing cycle and replacing highly labour intensive manual activity with an efficient automated process.

For more information please visit the T-Plan Robot page.

T-Plan receives funding from South West Loans Fund - August 2009

T-Plan has received investment funding from the South West Loans Fund.

Chief executive Steve Marshall said: "I strongly believe that Cornwall should be the home of software in the UK, our very own Silicon Valley.
"With a great working environment, sensible cost base and the ability to sell products globally through broadband at the push of a button, Cornwall has the perfect opportunity to develop a vibrant new industry sector."

For more information please read the press release: South West Business press release.

T-Plan Integrator v4.1 Now Available - July 2009

T-Plan has great pleasure in unveiling the 4th generation of the T-Plan Integrator solution.

Integrator 4.1 now enables you to integrate huge volumes of data with very precise mapping rules to fit your business needs.

T-Plan Release 6.3 Now Available - January 2009

Following the successful launch of T-Plan Release 6.2 in August 2008, T-Plan Release 6.3 is now available since January 2009.

For more information please email

Agile Conference - October 2008

Matthew Furneaux of T-Plan recently attended the Agile Business Conference at Excel in London.  This conference brought together some of the worlds leading practitioners of Agile software development and project management.  It has only been seven years since the creation of the so called 'Agile Manifesto', but organizations large and small are beginning to embrace Agile methods, seeing the advantages of moving towards a more collaborative way of creating software, placing emphasis on delivering working applications, in shorter time windows, whilst not compromising quality.

We are committed to aligning T-Plan solutions with Agile principles and we are in the process of an intense review of how our customers, and the wider market are interpreting the changing role that testers have in this ever-evolving space.  Attending the Agile Business Conference has proven to be a valuable contribution to this project.

If your organization is 'going Agile' and you are experiencing challenges with your software testing, we would welcome the opportunity to share some of our learnings with you.  For more information please email

T-Plan Integrator v3 Now Available - September 2008

T-Plan has great pleasure in unveiling the 3rd generation of the T-Plan Integrator solution.

Based upon the success of previous versions, the all new T-Plan Integrator v3 combines the ease of deployment with the control and strength that you need to manage your customers and suppliers.

The T-Plan Integrator v3 has been the culmination of the views of our customers, steering groups and industry movements.  The T-Plan Integrator v3 allows you to integrate the requirements in both directions between TcSE and DOORS whilst analysing and allowing you to quickly react to change.

New architecture

  • Easy to deploy, operates outside of DOORS and TcSE for a more agile deployment
  • Scalable solution for small projects through to safety critical programmes
  • Expandable to include additional integrated tools

Outstanding functionality

  • Complete round trip integration, DOORS to TcSE as well as TcSE to DOORS
  • Analyze, review and accept change with updates imported through a change workflow
  • Create multiple integration sets specific to which project you need to integrate

Project line of sight

  • Include and configure attributes, properties, images, tables, links and more
  • Manage change to keep your suppliers, customers and auditors working consistently
  • Reduce cost, reduce risk and increase productivity

For more information or to book a web based demonstration, please email

T-Plan Release 6.2 Now Available - August 2008

Following the successful launch of T-Plan Release 6.0 in March 2007 and T-Plan Release 6.1 in March 2008.  T-Plan Release 6.2 is now available.

The main areas of new product development were targeted for performance enhancements and Office integration.

Another major improvement in T-Plan Release 6.2 is the useability of the script instructions window, where it is now possible to copy and paste individual steps from script to script.

For more information please email

Agile Movement - July 2008

T-Plan is proud to announce that we have employed a Business Development Manager whose responsibility is to strategically place T-Plan in the Agile market in terms of the products we presently provide and in our future developments.

Matthew Furneaux has made contact with a number of our T-Plan customers already, however, if you are interested in contacting Matthew to discuss this further, please email

T-Plan Release 6.1 Now Available - March 2008

Following the extensive development of Release 6.0, T-Plan Release 6.1 is now available. Building on the proud claim that 80% of the new functionality of T-Plan version 6.0 was based directly on our customer's requirements, the new T-Plan 6.1 continues in the same direction.

The new release introduces several key features designed to keep T-Plan at the forefront of test process management.

  • New report functionality to enable the capability to produce impact analysis reports from externally referenced items in Analyze, through to their execution in Manage
  • Numerous performance enhancements including the development to greatly increase the speed of copying items from Design to Manage and hierarchy browsing
  • Further improvement to the Office Integration in terms of template enhancements and issues fixed

T-Plan Integrator

T-Plan are delighted to extend their product offering.

We are pleased to announce the availability of our new Integrator product. This product will enhance our systems engineering capability by adding a requirements traceability solution to the current verification and testing offering.

The Integrator is a specific tool aimed at companies working with a combination of DOORS from Telelogic and TeamCenter from UGS/Siemens. It enables the traceability through the full requirements lifecycle and helps manage the relationship with the many companies involved in complex engineering projects.

T-Plan Partner Programme

The T-Plan Partner Programme is designed to enhance your skills and abilities in the use of T-Plan, thereby providing you with valuable additional skills. Its goal is to help you continue your success by providing you with the necessary skills to serve your customers more effectively.

Key Benefits:

  • Free T-Plan Software*
  • Free Online Training
  • 10% Referral Fee**

* Single user, non commercial licence for 3 months extended by mutual agreement.
** 10% of the net licence fee after payment is received from the end user.

To qualify Partner must notify T-Plan of the opportunity in advance and gain agreement by email or in writing from T-Plan that this is a new and qualifying opportunity.

Simon DassT-Plan Employee Wins Award

Celebrating Business and Graduate Success in Cornwall
Simon Dass wins award for Best use of ICT in business.

The Unlocking Cornish Potential (UCP) project is part of the Combined Universities in Cornwall (CUC) initiative and is managed by Cornwall College. UCP builds on 5 years of highly successful, ESF funded activity by the University of Plymouth. The UCP project seeks to measurably improve the efficiency, competitiveness and growth potential of SMEs in Cornwall through the placement of graduates in companies to undertake business development projects.

One hundred graduates and Cornish employers gathered for the second annual Unlocking Cornish Potential (UCP) Celebration Event at the Tremough University campus in Falmouth on Friday 21st September to recognise the accomplishments of the project’s top achievers of 2006/7.

Welcomed by UCP Project Manager, Allyson Glover, guests celebrated the completion of the year’s successful projects with the awarding of certificates and with presentations by graduates, project officers and businesses.

Simon Dass took on a software development project for T Plan Ltd through the UCP scheme and scooped one of the top awards at the ceremony- Best Use of ICT.

Simon won the award because of his excellent UCP project work towards T-Plan Version 6.0 but also the integration work with DOORS and TCSE. Although Simon has only been with the company for a year his knowledge and development skills have helped make T-Plan version 6.0 the best release of our software to date.

John Berry, Chief Executive of Cornwall Enterprise presented Simon with his trophy which had been specially designed by a Contemporary Crafts student at University College Falmouth.


T-Plan to unveil ‘Vista' generation application testing at The Natural History Museum
22nd March 2007

New software includes customer suggested functions, a new, intuitive graphical user interface plus MiFID and ISTQB testing qualification modules.

March 22, 2007 – London  T-Plan, the application test management experts will unveil version 6 of their T-Plan Product Suite to an audience of IT professionals and journalists on March 22nd at The National History Museum, London.

T-Plan's integrated application testing system is currently used extensively in the financial, government and utility sectors to test new applications prior to their launch.

Version 6 has been developed in response to customer requests for additional functionality and includes an upgraded interface designed to feel intuitive to users by using Microsoft Vista/Office 2007 technology.

An extensive new help menu keeps training costs for new users to a minimum whilst purchase and implementation costs continue to be at the low end for testing software management tools.

“The new GUI front end and functionality should please our existing customers – after all, they suggested the majority of it. The help menu has also evolved from customer feedback and should massively speed up learning times whilst reducing cost” said Steve Coombs, Business Development Manager at T-Plan.

Two key components within the overall launch are T-Plan ISTQB Active launch and T-Plan FSTG MiFID. ISTQB Active will enable students of the two level ISTQB qualifications – the pre-requisite for the testing community – to understand and test techniques within the T-Plan product suite.

To help fulfill their role as a member of the recently formed Financial Service Testing Group, T-Plan have included in  version 6 a fully functioning database of test assets that will help companies meet the challenges of MiFID within the financial services sector.

T-Plan Product Suite version 6 will be unveiled to clients and media on 22 nd March at 4pm followed by a drink and buffet reception.

Interested journalists should contact

Ross Furlong
Furlong PR Ltd

D: +44(0)7803 900961


New Financial Services Testing Group formed to address challenge of MiFID testing
29th November 2006

JWG-IT Special Interest Group set up by Facilita, SDLC, Testing Circle and T-Plan to overcome MiFID's
complex testing challenges.

November 29, 2006 – London  JWG-IT Group Ltd., the think-tank for EU-driven IT change in financial services, has set to resolve a critical industry gap through the formation of the Financial Services Testing Group (FSTG). This special interest group will leverage the insights of senior industry experts to develop appropriate tools and services which address the complex testing challenges MiFID presents by Q2 2007.

FSTG's four founder members – Facilita, SDLC, Testing Circle and T-Plan – are all leading IT testing organisations in their own right, and have united to develop MiFID-specific testing tools for use by financial institutions. MiFID introduces a number of complex changes to the EU Capital Markets in parallel as firms now have to prove that they offer suitable and appropriate products and services, provide ‘best execution', and publish trades to both regulators and regulated markets. IT infrastructure has a major role to play in ensuring an orderly transition to MiFID because of the sheer volume, speed and complexity of the information required.

“With MiFID, IT system performance isn't just a competitive differentiator, it's an essential part of any successful MiFID-compliant operation, so there's no room for uncertainty as organisations such as investment banks, portfolio managers, stockbrokers and corporate finance firms roll out their MiFID services in the run-up to the November 2007 deadline,” commented Peter Greenwood, Managing Director of FSTG founder member, Facilita. “JWG-IT's FSTG will prove an invaluable testing resource for organisations needing to be certain that they can deliver the best execution that MiFID requires. Performance-related issues will of course be absolutely fundamental to the success of an organisation's MiFID implementation. However, we also need to focus on the value of the solution – just because a system is running fast doesn't mean it's necessarily doing the right things. By setting up the FSTG SIG we're providing organisations with an essential first point of call for any MiFID testing issues they may have.”

“It is critical that firms get their testing plans together early as the longer they wait, the more costly it will be downstream as research suggests that the cost of MiFID IT implementation, in the UK alone, is set surpass £1 billion, with typical UK investment banks spending upwards of £10 million,” added PJ Di Giammarino, Founder and CEO of JWG-IT. “At JWG-IT we've worked with over 25 leading financial institutions that have dedicated over 100 man days of effort to define the detailed, practical operating models and reference implementation plans that MiFID requires. The new FSTG will provide firms ways to test MiFID better, faster, cheaper and with less risk between now and November 2007. We look forward to working with this select community to help execute a very complex change programme across 31 markets in 200 working days.”

Financial Services Testing Group founding members:

  • Formed in 1989, Facilita is a leading UK supplier of IT performance and load testing tools and solutions, and has delivered testing solutions across a range of industries including financial institutions as well as IT systems integrators and testing consultancies. Facilita backs its portfolio of testing tools with comprehensive professional services, providing major organisations such as with cost-effective, enterprise-class testing solutions. Facilita also works closely with an expanding network of partners to add value to their own testing offerings.
  • SDLC offers a comprehensive range of testing services, from high-level testing consultancy to test planning, preparation and execution, through to providing teams of testers during periods of peak testing activities. The company's consultants command high levels of technical proficiency in a wide range of applications and are well-versed in a number of methodologies including RUP, PRINCE 2 and T-Plan.
  • Testing Circle is a contractor and permanent resourcing business specialising in software testing, and focuses on matching the right software testers to the right assignments – speedily and efficiently.
  • Founded in 1989, T-Plan has developed a specialist test management tool and methodology that ensures that critical applications can be developed, tested and launched successfully. The company has continued to develop its product suite and services whilst growing its customer base.

About JWG-IT:

JWG-IT is an independent think-tank which aims to help financial institutions define workable solutions to the challenges posed by EU legislators and regulators. Established in January 2006, JWG-IT works with trusted technical experts from its membership to identify practical options which facilitate the adoption of appropriate, affordable and advanced IT solutions to regulatory driven change.

About MiFID:

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) forms part of the EU's vision to create an integrated financial services market across Europe . It is intended to open up the European financial instruments trading market from the investor's viewpoint, while increasing the ease and reducing the cost of trading. It is expected that MiFID will lead to larger trading volumes, increased ease in the movement of capital and result in higher net returns for investors. The deadline for MiFID compliance is 1 st November, 2007.

About the Financial Services Testing Group:

The Financial Services Testing Group (FSTG) is a JWG-IT Special Interest Group formed by a consortium of testing organisations who can deliver the appropriate tools and services needed to address the complex testing challenges such as MiFID and other regulatory change in the banking and financial services sectors. FSTG's founder members are Facilita, Testing Circle , T-Plan and SDLC Solutions.

For more information please contact:

Melanie Budden
Financial Services Testing Group (FSTG)
Tel: 07974 937979

Charles Crabtree
Tel: 07814 027253


T-Plan strengthens global operations
15th July 2005

July 15, 2005 – London  T-Plan today announced their new global operations encompassing North America, Europe, and Asia to further strengthen a strong UK brand, Business Development Manager Steve Coombs spoke regarding this matter “We are delighted to be able to bring our excellent offering to many different locations and enhance our global presence”.

T-Plan have announced an additional 9 offices including North America, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, China, India and Australia to compliment their UK offices. Each new office will be able to bring to market the beliefs that T-Plan have strived for when working together with their customers “Our innovative membership pricing plan is all about retaining business and putting the maximum effort to ensure that our products never become shelf ware” Steve Coombs explained.

“Our business model is concentrated on 3 main objectives, a market leading product set, exceptional value for money and the highest levels of support and services. This market leading offering has allowed our reputation to flourish and these expansions to be possible”.

Each new office will be responsible for full account management, first line customer support as well as localized language support which is often missing from the larger vendors, “Being a company concerned with quality means that we understand our clients completely and move our company in the ways that will benefit them most”.

For more information please email

“If you need to introduce more order, structure and visibility into your testing process,
you will welcome the T-Plan method and tool”

(Source, Industry analysts Ovum)

The T-Plan User Group Conference

October 2004

The T-Plan User Group Conference was held this year in the beautiful and inspiring setting of the Eden Project in Cornwall. The conference was a great opportunity for T-Plan customers, partners and staff to get together and discuss the power of T-Plan as a testing tool, to build relationships and to look forward to the future developments of the product.

Presentations given included ‘Overseas Development’ by Chris Carter , MD of Planit, ‘T-Plan and the ISTQB’ by Mike Smith of Testing Solutions, ‘The Formative Years’ by Mark Ashton of nCode and ‘ Product Roadmap, The Way Forward’ by Charlie Wheeler product manager of T-Plan.

Our thanks go to all at the Eden Project who worked so hard to make this such a memorable day, particularly Dave Meneer who gave a most entertaining and enlightening speech after dinner. Thanks also to Russell Gibbson for chairing the conference and User Group.

Our thanks also go to all those who attended. It is our belief as a company that it is by working in close partnership with our customers and partners and by providing a high level of service that we have and can continue to have an exceptional product which meets our customers’ individual needs.


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